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23 Things All '00s Green Day Fans Desperately Wanted

*Covers entire wall in Kerrang posters*

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1. Loads of mini badges.

waldosplace / Via

2. Massive amounts of black eyeliner, so you could perfect the look.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

3. Sweat bands.

Not for doing sport, obviously.

Not for doing sport, obviously.

4. Or pink sweatbands, for special occasions.

planet13rocks / Via

5. Patches to sew all over your possessions.

marvel_dc_comics / Via

6. A studded belt.

viciousmalicious / Via

7. Black converse, that you would write meaningful lyrics on.

Steevven1 / Via

8. And customise with these laces.

180notout / Via

9. Exciting braces.

boosplayhouse / Via

10. A skinny red tie.

tieshopuk / Via

11. A bedroom wall covered in these posters.

12. And all the big "vintage" Kerrang! centerfold ones.

13. Or proper posters from a shop, if you were fancy.

14. A much coveted tour pick.

looking4greatdealz / Via

15. A Nimrod t-shirt.

To prove that you liked the band before.
sellyoutheworld / Via

To prove that you liked the band before.

16. And a Dookie mug, to prove that you HAD listened to the older albums.

voodoolizard-uk / Via

17. A record clock.

Abbazappa / Via

18. Handmade bracelets that proved your dedication.

Made with LoVe / Via

19. And meaningful lyric artwork.

8TrackRomeo / Via

20. A mini version of Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar.

Mini Guitars / Via

21. The Bullet in a Bible CD with the DVD.

Which you watched many, many times.
doctorwho1090 / Via najy31

Which you watched many, many times.

22. A sweet American Idiot air freshener.

180notout / Via

23. And of course, an American Idiot hoody.

ilmitoweb / Via