23 Of The Worst Fucking Things About Shopping For Women's Clothes

    “At last, pockets I can use!” Lol no these are fake.

    1. Non-functioning zips.

    2. Fake pockets on jeans.

    It’s OK, we don’t need to carry anything important ever!

    3. And extremely tiny pockets on jeans that aren’t big enough for a phone.

    4. Normal dresses with cut-out sections in awkward places.

    5. Silky shirts that make you sweat a lot.

    6. Plain-looking jumpers in the "basics" section that have loads of metal studs on them in a really random place.

    7. Weirdly tiny pockets on T-shirts.

    8. Shirts with buttons that don’t consider boobs.

    9. Inexplicably being three different sizes in three different shops.

    10. Clothes in larger sizes that are just wider and not longer.

    11. Insanely hot changing rooms.

    12. Plaid shirts that are the same print as ones from the men's section, but inexplicably thinner.

    13. Tops you have to wear with other tops underneath.

    14. Dresses that require you to wear a whole other slip dress underneath them.

    15. Regular clothes that you have to dry-clean or hand-wash.

    16. Any clothes you can’t wear with a bra.

    17. Jeans that come in clothes sizes instead of measurements like men's jeans.

    18. When you want to buy a plain T-shirt, but shops seem to exclusively sell ones with weird slogans on them.

    19. T-shirts that look totally normal and plain until you spot the tiny embroidery that says something completely random.

    20. And tops that seem to be obsessed with California, even though you live 3,000 miles away.

    21. Everything being unnecessarily cropped, specifically SWEATERS.

    22. Tops with a ridiculous number of hanger straps.

    ignore my bra straps and the hanger strap thing but hoco dress:))

    23. And bodycon skirts that continue to rise up no matter how much you pull them down.