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23 Of The Worst Fucking Things About Shopping For Women's Clothes

“At last, pockets I can use!” Lol no these are fake.

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5. Silky shirts that make you sweat a lot.

M&S / BuzzFeed / Via

“Hey, I’m just a regular-looking blouse, don’t worry about me. I’m really chill, but I will FUCK YOU UP as soon as the sun comes out.”


12. Plaid shirts that are the same print as ones from the men's section, but inexplicably thinner.

Twitter: @ShannnonWhite / Via

And yeah, we can try to buy them from the men’s section, but that’s not so easy if you’ve got big boobs or hips.


22. Tops with a ridiculous number of hanger straps.

ignore my bra straps and the hanger strap thing but hoco dress:))


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