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18 Of The Poshest Things To Happen In Britain In 2015

It truly was the year that posh crisps went out of control.

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4. Followed by this extremely fancy trifle.

One for all us West Coast inhabitants...Agnes never been so posh...@Silenceothebams @mbrodie67 @wilcobhoy 🍨🍨xxxx


10. And someone in East Grinsted covered their Porsche with VELVET.

The mythical #velvet #Porsche of East Grinstead.

11. And then someone in Knightsbridge took it a step further and covered their Rolls Royce in PURPLE VELVET.

Spotted the purple velvet Rolls-Royce Phantom while in Knightsbridge the other day. #Super…

Probably a super villain.

12. When a bar featured this important button.

The place we're at is so posh


13. When this Spar corner shop offered artisan pizza and chorizo jam.

This is @SPAR in Walthamstow Village. SPAR! It's the poshest thing I've ever seen. They sell chorizo jam.

14. While this food stand offered kid's brioche.

15. When Waitrose sold these ludicrously posh ready meals.

#British #Dad humour #cartoons on posh readymeal #packaging. What a fun combination. @charliebighams @waitrose

16. When Waitrose decided that vermicelli nests were essential.

Another waitrose essential I had to buy. @WaitroseChat

17. As well as parmigiano reggiano.

Waitrose's idea of essentials never fail to make me laugh.

18. And finally, when this branch of Waitrose ran out of ~essential~ champagne flutes.

@waitrose (and got a real giggle from this understanding of 'essential'... couldn't agree more!)