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19 Of The Most WTF Things To Happen In Leeds

And why would you let a little thing like flooding stop you having a pint in a beer garden?

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1. This incredible news story.

Absolute scenes.
@Nath_Brudenell / Via Twitter: @Nath_Brudenell

Absolute scenes.

2. These legends having a pint in a flooded garden.

Sam0n / Via

3. This traffic warden giving a parking ticket to a wheelbarrow.

@Geezajay2013 / Via Twitter: @Geezajay2013

4. This innovative BBQ.

@AtticLeeds / Via Twitter: @AtticLeeds

5. And this bold man.

6. This road painting.

@Khyberman / Via Twitter: @Khyberman

7. This piece of graffiti.

@StartPlayer / Via Twitter: @StartPlayer

8. And this graffiti.

EddSaffelll / Via

9. This woman's legitimate struggle.

We've all been there.
BBC / Via

We've all been there.

10. And all these people queuing to walk through a drive-thru.

I've seen it all, only in Leeds would you walk through the drive-thru 😂

11. When this person covered their car in carpet.

@FooKingKTM / Via Twitter: @FooKingKTM


12. When this Dalek was politely waiting for a bus.

Spotted by a friend in #Leeds #yorkshire and sent to me. #dalek waiting for a bus! #DoctorWho

13. This sign outside a dentist's.

stikeymo / Via

14. This amazing print shop name.

@MissDaubs / Via Twitter: @MissDaubs

15. This really confusing takeaway.

@RichWilliamsLCC / Via Twitter: @RichWilliamsLCC

16. And this delivery service for deep-fried Mars bars.

@KeithMullin / Via Twitter: @KeithMullin

17. This car park sign.

@LePavillonduvin / Via Twitter: @LePavillonduvin

18. When this person lost their phone at Leeds festival and then discovered this on it when they got it back.

19. And Cathy.

@BethBrankin / Via Twitter: @BethBrankin