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22 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened In Asda In 2015

Asda, u ok hun?

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4. When the candle shelf got totally out of hand.

This is why @AlexBallard91 should not be taken to asda! #wtf


5. When they sold extremely mysterious peaches.

WTF is @asda putting in these peaches?? UFO WHITE FLESH?? Alien meat??


8. When this Asda shopper wasn't quite sure how to hold a shopping basket.


10. When they offered this frankly brilliant saving.

Great to see Adsa Ipswich offering amazing saving! Or maybe they don't think their clientele can add up! #WTF #Asda

11. And this INCREDIBLE clothing deal.

@asda price fail. That's Asda price!


15. When they were completely baffled by grammar.

@asda - your indicates belonging to, you're means you are. Your buyers might need a #grammar lesson #fail


17. When they tried to trick people into buying oat and raisin cookies.

@_youhadonejob just been in asda to buy some pay & raisin cookies... I mean donuts, yeh #fail


18. And attempted to punish vegetarians.

Do they think vegetarians are daft? #asda #asdafail

20. When they thought Christmas Day was on December 5th.