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22 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened In Asda In 2015

Asda, u ok hun?

1. When they suggested you make your lover a fort of crisps for Valentine's Day.

Via Twitter: @SoulMoves

Relationship goals, TBH.

2. When they decided to let Christian Grey lurk around the children's school uniform section.

3. And these books were put in the kids' section.

4. When the candle shelf got totally out of hand.

This is why @AlexBallard91 should not be taken to asda! #wtf

5. When they sold extremely mysterious peaches.

WTF is @asda putting in these peaches?? UFO WHITE FLESH?? Alien meat??


6. And this mango from Peru, Kent.

7. When they got really confused by "beer".

8. When this Asda shopper wasn't quite sure how to hold a shopping basket.

9. When they invited themselves round Kayleigh's for a party.

Via Twitter: @kayleighadams22

No chill at all.

10. When they offered this frankly brilliant saving.

Great to see Adsa Ipswich offering amazing saving! Or maybe they don't think their clientele can add up! #WTF #Asda

11. And this INCREDIBLE clothing deal.

@asda price fail. That's Asda price!

12. When they sold a beautiful birthday banner.

13. And suggested that you might like to celebrate with a cake that looks like a pie.

14. When they ran out of pumpkins at Halloween.

SunIsShiningInTheSky · / Via

15. When they were completely baffled by grammar.

@asda - your indicates belonging to, you're means you are. Your buyers might need a #grammar lesson #fail

16. When they tested an edgier rebrand.

thesantman / Via

17. When they tried to trick people into buying oat and raisin cookies.

@_youhadonejob just been in asda to buy some pay & raisin cookies... I mean donuts, yeh #fail


18. And attempted to punish vegetarians.

Do they think vegetarians are daft? #asda #asdafail

19. When they put Eid cards next to all the booze.

toypaj / Via

Erm :/

20. When they thought Christmas Day was on December 5th.

21. And then suggested a festive Twitter hashtag with an apostrophe in it that absolutely WON'T WORK.

22. And, when they hired the greatest employee of all time.

@AndrewPaterson_ / Via

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