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19 Of The Most Ridiculously Posh Children's Toys

H is for Hummus.

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1. A wooden cheeseboard playset.

@ginaprickett / Via Twitter: @ginaprickett

2. A toy coffee machine.

@foggathorpe / Via Twitter: @foggathorpe

3. Or if your kids are a bit fancier, a toy espresso machine.

@lornaparsons / Via Twitter: @lornaparsons

4. An afternoon tea playset.

@ArghZombies / Via Twitter: @ArghZombies

5. Toy macaroons.

@danielwcooper / Via Twitter: @danielwcooper

6. A farm shop playset.

@dunmoreish / Via Twitter: @dunmoreish

7. Play pesto and garlic puree.

The world's most middle class children's toy, ever.

8. Wooden toy goat's cheese.

Surely the most middle class kids toy ever? #tw

9. Toy pita pockets.

@sugaredeggs / Via Twitter: @sugaredeggs

10. A child sized play Aga.

Child's Aga. What more could the middle class child in your life want?

11. A toy Waitrose shopping basket.

John Lewis Waitrose shopping trolley: Quite possibly the most middle class thing to ever exist

12. And a Waitrose shopping trolley.

John Lewis / Via

13. This A to Z book.

Is this the most middle class alphabet book ever? Yes, yes it is.

14. This book.

@HowfenClaret / Via Twitter: @HowfenClaret

15. This one preparing children for a life in finance.

@mdtaylor / Via Twitter: @mdtaylor

16. And this important guide for parents.

@blacksheep63 / Via Twitter: @blacksheep63

17. A sushi playset.

@robertillidge / Via Twitter: @robertillidge

18. This ravioli making playset.

@tintiddle / Via Twitter: @tintiddle

19. And of course, a toy avocado.

@Brendan98FM / Via Twitter: @Brendan98FM