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    28 Of The Most Ridiculously '90s Things That Ever Happened In Britain

    Why did we ever allow Mr Blobby to be famous?

    1. When Take That hung out with Mr Blobby.

    Aad / All Action General

    Is Gary topless and wearing a leather vest? And why is Mark holding some sort of sexy riding whip? Honestly the '90s was a terrifying time.

    2. And when East 17 did the same.

    All Action / All Action General

    How did we allow Mr Blobby to become famous?

    3. When Phillip Schofield interviewed Chesney Hawkes and they both had curtains.

    Robin Kennedy / All Action General

    Look how young Phillip is!

    4. When Katie Hill from Blue Peter wore a skirt over shiny trousers while sporting a "can I speak to the manager" haircut.

    Sean Dempsey / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    5. When Chris Evans wore a Dumb & Dumber sweatshirt and this general ensemble to work.

    Buller Louisa Buller / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    6. When Patsy Palmer posed with a Nokia computer showing the EastEnders website.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images

    "Hey kids you should check out this hip new thing called the World Wide Web."

    7. And Martine McCutcheon posed with her own website.

    Michael Stephens / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency / Via

    Apparently awkward computer photocalls were a really big thing in the '90s.

    8. When Carol Vorderman released a Pop Music Times Tables video.

    Storm Education Videos / Via

    There's some really great rapping on this.

    9. When Richard Branson starred in an episode of Friends set in London.

    Getty Images / Handout

    Branson was bloody everywhere in those days.

    10. When Westlife opened a Virgin megastore and people were really excited about it.

    Simon Meaker / Empics Entertainment

    Imagine anyone getting excited about a CD shop opening these days :(

    11. And when Windows 95 was launched at PC World and people queued up at midnight.

    Neil Munns / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    They probably knew about that sweet solitaire game.

    12. When Jet and Shadow from Gladiators went on GamesMaster.

    Channel 4 / Via

    13. When Zoe Ball, Martine McCutcheon, and Natalie Imbruglia hung out together.

    Michael Stephens / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    Probably to talk about important '90s things like the Millennium Bug and having shit hair.

    14. When the Spice Girls turned up to the Spice World premiere wearing these white suits.

    Paul Smith / All Action General

    Note: Scary Spice has an awesome cane.

    15. And when they got a Smash Hits magazine award from Dec.

    All Action / All Action General

    We assume Ant is out of shot because they can never be apart.

    16. When Konnie Huq and Stuart Miles from Blue Peter went to the A Bug's Life premiere and he wore double denim.

    Hallam Rosie Hallam / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    Konnie appears to be wearing an extra large mens trench coat so I guess she could turn it into a tent if they decided to go on an impromptu camping trip after the movie.

    17. When Ainsley Harriott launched a new internet brand at the London Aquarium while wearing a backwards cap and a tie.

    John Stillwell / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    18. And when Ant and Dec (PJ and Duncan) posed with a computer at a cyber café.

    Sue Moore / All Action General

    The caption says "PJ and Duncan at a BSM cyber café driving tuition photocall". I honestly don't know what that means.

    19. When Anthea Turner posed with a Nokia.

    Michael Walter / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    I want to put this picture on my mantlepiece.

    20. When this Toy Story Woody doll was auctioned off in Newcastle because there was such a high demand.

    Owen Humphreys / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    21. When Lenny Henry and the Spice Girls posed together to launch Red Nose Day.

    Rebecca Naden / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    Remember when Red Nose Day was actually really good?

    22. When Melinda Messenger wore clogs and lay on a throne made of Argos catalogues.

    Toby Melville / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    "Don't mind me, I was just trying to decide what plates to buy."

    23. When Michael Owen released a VHS with an accompanying book and posed with a cardboard cutout of himself.

    Michael Crabtree / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    24. When Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen hung out with The Big Breakfast puppet presenters.

    Duncan Raban / EMPICS Entertainment

    So few puppets on TV these days.

    25. And when Denise Van Outen launched the Opal Fruit name change.

    PA Archive/Press Association Images

    26. When Steven Gately and Ronan Keating launched the PlayStation ride at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

    John Gladwin / All Action General

    27. When Tony Blair met Noel Gallagher.

    Rebecca Naden / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

    28. And, when Billie Piper, The Chuckle Brothers, and Mr Blobby starred in a pantomime together.

    Jonathan Furniss / All Action General

    *is overwhelmed with the level of '90s*