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28 Of The Most Ridiculously '90s Things That Ever Happened In Britain

Why did we ever allow Mr Blobby to be famous?

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1. When Take That hung out with Mr Blobby.

Aad / All Action General

Is Gary topless and wearing a leather vest? And why is Mark holding some sort of sexy riding whip? Honestly the '90s was a terrifying time.


13. When Zoe Ball, Martine McCutcheon, and Natalie Imbruglia hung out together.

Michael Stephens / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

Probably to talk about important '90s things like the Millennium Bug and having shit hair.

16. When Konnie Huq and Stuart Miles from Blue Peter went to the A Bug's Life premiere and he wore double denim.

Hallam Rosie Hallam / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

Konnie appears to be wearing an extra large mens trench coat so I guess she could turn it into a tent if they decided to go on an impromptu camping trip after the movie.


18. And when Ant and Dec (PJ and Duncan) posed with a computer at a cyber café.

Sue Moore / All Action General

The caption says "PJ and Duncan at a BSM cyber café driving tuition photocall". I honestly don't know what that means.