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    Posted on Nov 2, 2015

    22 Struggles People Who Don't Wear Glasses Will Never Understand

    Can't find my glasses because I don't have my glasses on.

    1. Going to see a 3D movie at the cinema and having to do double glasses.

    2. Having to spend loads of money so you can see because your prescription has changed.

    HBO / Via!-(because-leaks)/page24

    Goddamnit, eyes.

    3. And not being able to afford prescription sunglasses.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    4. Misplacing your normal glasses and having to wear the weird spare ones you hate.


    Or old ones that are the wrong prescription.

    5. Spending half your damn life cleaning your glasses.

    6. Or worse, wearing a shirt that isn't suitable for glasses cleaning.

    BrandonJLa / Via

    7. When people want to try on your glasses and then say “wow, you’re really blind”.


    "Hey can I try on your hearing aid? Wow, you're really deaf!"

    8. Or when they ask why you don’t wear contacts or get laser eye surgery.

    Tyler Oakley / Via

    Not everyone can wear contacts, pal. And also because we're scared of lasers.

    9. Kissing someone and having your glasses unattractively steam up.

    10. Or trying to kiss someone who also wears glasses and having them bang together in a really sexy fashion.

    11. Having sex and obviously wanting to take your glasses off but also not wanting to go in blind.

    Amblin Entertainment / Via

    12. When your glasses get steamed up from sweating when you're doing exercise outside.

    13. And having your vision look like this when it rains.

    Daniel Oines / Via Flickr: dno1967b

    14. So essentially showering blind every day.


    *Washes face with hair removal cream*

    15. Hot drinks and soup constantly causing your world to go blurry.

    16. Trying to do eye makeup without your glasses on.

    17. Getting spots on your face from where your glasses are always touching your skin.

    18. Halloween masks being out of the question.

    19. Not being able to lie down and watch TV without your frames digging in to your head.

    20. Selfie glare.

    When you're trying to get a good selfie but you have glasses & there's always a glare 😊😊😊

    21. Wanting to take your glasses off and suddenly look way better, but actually just looking the same.

    Original Film / Via

    Probably looking better with them on, to be honest. Teen movies lied.

    22. And not being able to find your glasses because you don’t have your glasses on.

    Hanna-Barbera Productions / Via

    The endless struggle.

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