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21 Things Everyone Who Has Applied To Uni In Britain Will Understand

*tries to write personal statement without sounding like a twat*

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2. Procrastinating beginning your application until reallllly close to the deadline.

4. Desperately searching for things you might have done that will give you more UCAS points.

Those music exams were actually worth it, it turns out.


11. Trying to write your personal statement and having no idea where to begin.

12. Really dragging out the paragraph where you talk about Duke of Edinburgh.

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"I learned how to work as part of a team"

Translation: "we managed to get to the end of the weekend without murdering each other".


13. And really bigging up your work experience.

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"My work experience helped me to gain humility and valuable life skills".

Translation: "I did two weeks in a restaurant kitchen and it taught me how to grate cheese really well".


17. Being pestered by your mum every day before you submit the application.

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Mums worry that you'll leave it to the last moment and will end up at Ladchester Polytechnic doing a degree in "Drinking and Living With Your Parents 'Til You're 35".

20. Finally getting an offer and feeling on TOP of the world, before realising this is only the start of it.

You still have to get the grades.

21. And then going to a uni open day after getting an offer and discovering it's much uglier than you expected.

Uni "we have photographed the one attractive spot on campus for the prospectus, the rest of it is exclusively built from concrete".