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    19 Signs You're In A Complicated Relationship With The Gym

    It's an on-off thing.

    1. Your relationship with the gym was great at first.

    2. Because everything was exciting and new.

    3. You went all the time and even went to classes.

    4. You talked about the gym to your friends.

    5. And you probably Instagrammed pictures of yourself there.

    6. You got excited about those gym emails congratulating you on how many workouts you did.

    7. Then one day your enthusiasm slowly started to wane.

    8. You didn’t feel so excited about going there.

    9. And then your workouts got lazier and lazier.

    10. You started to notice the flaws you didn't see at first.

    11. And then you started not going so much.

    12. Then you started to feel really bad when you got a text from the gym asking why you haven't been for ages.

    13. So you started lying to yourself about it.

    14. And then one day you decided it was probably time to break up with your gym and free yourself forever.

    15. You deleted its number and cancelled your membership.

    16. Then one day, it emailed you again, and you thought, “Hmmm, maybe I will try this out again.”

    17. So you came crawling back.

    18. And it wasn't so bad at first.

    19. And then after a few weeks, the whole damn cycle started again.