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22 Signs You Went To A British Secondary School In The '00s

So many unnecessary Smart Boards.

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11. You would write down your crush's email address in the back of the school planner so you could add them on MSN.

15. And coach journeys on school trips were spent begging that one kid with a Nintendo DS to let you play on it.

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Which you used to test your brain age on Dr Kawashima's Brain Training and to pretend to own dogs on Nintendogs.


17. And it was absolutely hilarious to quote Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show sketches in class.

21. You borrowed your parents' digital camera to take hilarious photos of your friends at your school disco.

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And then spent hours the next day uploading them to Facebook where you would give them titles like "Schooll Parrrttttyyyyy - Part 1".