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    Posted on Oct 14, 2015

    22 Signs You Went To A British Secondary School In The '00s

    So many unnecessary Smart Boards.

    1. Your school spent large amounts of money installing Smart Boards for reasons unknown.

    Kevin Jarrett / Via Flickr: kjarrett

    Which you used exclusively to play games in French class.

    2. Not everyone had internet at home, so you probably still had to go to the library computers to research your school projects.

    Daniel X. O'Neil / Via Flickr: juggernautco

    3. Where you printed out pages of Wikipedia for homework research.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    4. There was nothing worse than losing your memory stick, because they were still ridiculously expensive.

    Custom USB / Via Flickr: molotalk

    All your GCSE coursework relied on not losing one of these bad boys.

    5. The first kid to get a colour phone in your year was held up as a king among men.

    Engadget / Via

    6. And iPod Minis were always getting confiscated by teachers.

    armanda4ka / Via

    7. You remember that dreadful year when Jamie Oliver got rid of all the delicious unhealthy food from your school canteen.

    la vaca vegetariana / Via Flickr: dcagne

    RIP potato smileys.

    8. And these things were sold on the playground black market at lunch time.

    Mike Roberts / Via Flickr: cosmic_spanner

    9. You spent your ICT lessons trying to go on Myspace and Bebo.

    10. And you signed up to Facebook in the days before it was blocked in schools.

    PROSee-ming Lee / Via Flickr: seeminglee

    11. You would write down your crush's email address in the back of the school planner so you could add them on MSN.

    12. Because flirting consisted of talking on MSN and sending pokes on Facebook after school.


    "nm, u?"

    "nm, g2g dinner."

    13. If you were lucky enough to go on a secondary-school date it probably took place in either Pizza Hut or Nando's (when it opened).

    Scriniary/Geograph / Via

    Which was verrryyy exciting.

    14. You spent sleepovers with your school friends playing Nintendo Wii Mario Kart.

    Sarah Laval/Flickr / Via Flickr: smercury98

    And thinking you were winning but then realising you were looking at the wrong screen.

    15. And coach journeys on school trips were spent begging that one kid with a Nintendo DS to let you play on it.

    Scott Moore/Flickr / Via Flickr: scottm

    Which you used to test your brain age on Dr Kawashima's Brain Training and to pretend to own dogs on Nintendogs.

    16. What happened on Skins was the main Friday morning playground conversation.

    Channel 4 / Via

    And you begged your parents to let you watch it even though it was on LATE.

    17. And it was absolutely hilarious to quote Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show sketches in class.

    18. Your wrists were completely covered in charity wristbands, before your school banned them.

    theairambulanceservice / Via

    19. Having Total 90 trainers meant you would be the coolest person in your PE class.

    rubytina14./eBay / Via

    20. And all the girls in your class wanted Jane Norman bags to use as their PE bags.

    mushroomsdad/eBay / Via

    Which you thought was designer.

    21. You borrowed your parents' digital camera to take hilarious photos of your friends at your school disco.

    johnnyboyray101 / Via

    And then spent hours the next day uploading them to Facebook where you would give them titles like "Schooll Parrrttttyyyyy - Part 1".

    22. And finally, "Mr. Brightside" was that one song that always filled the floor at a school disco.

    TheKillersVEVO / Via

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