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24 Ridiculous Sex Rumours That Went Around People's Schools

This is why we need sex ed.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the most ridiculous sex rumours that went around their schools – here are some of the funniest and weirdest responses:

2. The Mountain Dew story.

"There was a rumor at my high school that if a guy drank enough Mountain Dew, his sperm count would drop to zero. Let's just say, my backwoods school ended up with a high pregnancy rate. They had to add the rumor to the sex education curriculum."


3. The virginity rumor.

"In my school there was a rumour that if you could hold your knees together and there was a gap from the knee up you weren't a virgin.

I was a very skinny kid and I lived in fear of someone noticing my skinny thighs!"



4. The completely useless contraceptive.

"At my school people thought that if a girl ate green M&M's and drank Mountain Dew, she wouldn't get pregnant. Of course, a bunch of silly twits tried this and got knocked up."

—Jacki Demchak, Facebook

6. The Skittle.

"One girl in my high school sex ed class asked our teacher how her friend got pregnant with "protection". Apparently putting a red Skittle up there before having sex was believed to be an effective form of birth control."


7. The great gum confusion.

"I overheard two girls talking about giving head one time, and when one said that she swallowed, the other was shocked and replied with 'it takes seven years for cum to be fully digested!'

Gum, sweetie."



8. The pee pregnancy.

"In sixth grade a girl started a rumor about herself that she got pregnant from drinking some guy's pee at church."


10. The hot dog story.

"One rumor went around about some nameless girl who masturbated with a frozen hot dog, and it broke off inside of her."

—Jennie Stilton, Facebook

11. The definitely incorrect fact.

"That your vagina imprints to the first penis inside it, which is why you always love your first. All hail the lack of sex ed in Christian schools."



12. The blow job diet.

"Somehow it became 'common knowledge' that if you swallow after a blow job it would help you lose weight. My friends and I would go around campus pointing out girls who had recently gotten skinny after getting new boyfriends, obviously because they were giving blow jobs."


13. The true consequence of abstinence education.

"There was a rumor about how one girl's baby had three different fathers because she had sex with all of them at the same time.

That's abstinence only education for you…"


15. The painful ER visit.

"There was a rumor going around about me that my ex-boyfriend and I did anal using hand sanitizer as lube and wound up in the ER. It was hilarious and completely random because I was a virgin and wouldn't put out for him if my life depended on it."



16. The hot dog baby.

"There was a rumor that I was pregnant with my own baby from doing the diddly-doo to myself with a hot dog, in fourth grade. So much of that was incorrect."


17. The clarinet.

"There was a couple who supposedly used the girl's clarinet as a dildo. SO MANY QUESTIONS."

@alicebeepea, Twitter

19. The weird plastic bag rumor.

"In elementary school, when nobody really knew what sex was, there was one guy who claimed to know how it worked. He had most of the logistics right except for one thing: there was a rule that, if you were under the age of 13, a boy had to use a plastic bag (like the kind from Walmart) as protection.

If you were over 13, no need for a plastic bag. There was also a rumor that one of the kids in our grade (I think we were all around seven at the time) had done it with AND without the plastic bag."



20. The Kit Kat.

"Apparently some girl in my school masturbated with a Kit Kat and then ate it, while she was in maths class."

—Keira C Georgeson, Facebook

21. The dodgy anal sex facts.

"A girl once told the entire sex ed class that having anal sex would give you blood clots and your intestines would explode."


23. The cat sex.

"There was a kid in my school that supposedly had sex with a cat. He left to be home schooled, so people started saying he was sent to rehab for having sex with a cat. When he came back to public school, he was once again dubbed the cat sex kid who rehab did not cure."



24. The fake pregnancy.

"When I was in elementary school a rumor went round that a boy missed school for eight weeks because he was pregnant.

He had whooping cough."


Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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