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    21 Struggles Everyone Who Has Done A Dissertation Will Understand

    Referencing can GTFO.

    1. Spending a number of weeks procrastinating before actually starting.

    2. So deciding to spend several hours making a complicated work schedule that you will absolutely ignore.

    3. Finally deciding on a title and realising it sounds ridiculous.

    I know what my next dissertation is going to be on.... #history

    4. And none of your family understand what it's about so you end up being extremely vague.

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    "Yeh it's about a book".

    5. Getting a load of books out of the library and renewing them every week but never opening any of them until about 48 hours before the deadline.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    It's the rules.

    6. Other people on your course constantly asking how you're getting on.

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    "How's your dissertation going?"

    "Oh I've written about 1000 words!"

    "Oh we'll I've written 100"

    "I CAN'T READ"

    7. Having to interact with that one dickhead who's somehow finished ridiculously early.

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    Fuck them.

    8. At some point deciding the whole thing is trash and starting from scratch two weeks before deadline.

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    And then realising that is a TERRIBLE idea.

    9. Becoming obsessed with sitting in the same place in the library every day and getting there extra early so you can reserve it.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    God forbid someone else is sitting there.

    10. Having your closest and most intimate relationships be with people you sit near in the library.

    11. Having to pull an all nighter at some point.

    12. Consuming so many cups of coffee and Red Bull to stay awake that you become unable to stop twitching.

    13. As well as a terrible diet of vending machine food.

    14. At some point debating whether it's ok to sleep in the library.

    15. Crying to your mum on the phone because it has all got too hard.

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    16. Finding an article that basically summarises your entire argument a week before it’s due.

    The Apatow Company / Via

    And choosing not to acknowledge that...

    17. Slaving away for several days doing your bloody referencing.

    18. Spending large amounts of money on printing and binding.


    This is not what student loans are for SURELY?

    19. Finally getting to the end and feeling like you've probably aged considerably during the process.

    "I swear I didn't have these wrinkles before."

    20. And then realising that you've just spent half a year on something you will literally never look at again after it’s handed in.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    21. But the feeling when you hand it in *just* makes it worth it, because at least you'll never have to go to that bloody library again.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    Fuck that place.

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