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    Posted on Sep 21, 2016

    19 Pictures That Prove Justine Littlewood Was An Iconic TV Villain

    We'll always be jealous of Justine from Tracy Beaker's TV.

    1. She knew how to trashtalk incredibly well.

    CBBC / @olive_joe / Via Twitter: @oliver_joe

    Omg no.

    2. And she had a perfect judgemental face.

    3. Look how few shits she gave in the credits.

    4. She never allowed commoners to be near her.

    5. "Can't even hear you".

    CBBC / Via

    She made "talk to the hand" a thing in primary school playgrounds everywhere.

    6. Honestly, she commanded so much respect from her subjects.

    7. Inspirational.

    8. And she was an absolute queen of waiting to spill the gossip.

    9. She always had a lot of self-confidence.

    10. And naturally knew exactly how to pose.

    11. Like every good TV villain, she was a style icon.

    12. She was wearing chokers way before they were cool.

    CBBC / Via


    13. Honestly, look at this outfit.

    Justine Littlewood is so grunge

    14. And she even coined her own makeup look.

    CBBC / Via

    Before Kylie Jenner, there was Justine.

    15. She always prioritised the right things in life.

    16. And she got this TV because honestly, she was just better than everyone else.

    CBBC / Via

    And we were all jealous.

    17. She always, ALWAYS, knew how to wind Tracy up with very little effort.

    18. Even when she was being a puppet.

    19. And even though she was a pure snake most of the time, she still had a heart.

    CBBC / Via

    Also, look at that incredible top.

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