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    22 Delightful Pictures Of Cats Enjoying Their Birthday

    *squeals with joy*

    1. This kitty with a little party hat on and everything.

    Tspec1551 / Via


    2. This little wizard baby with a cake made of ham.

    _Relevant_Username / Via

    3. This old girl who turned 17!

    tenken368 / Via

    4. This ginger kitty getting a birthday treat.

    Halthulu / Via

    5. And this kitto who got some special salmon cos they turned 8.

    infosciguyv / Via

    6. This kitty cat who got a lot of excitement out of their birthday balloon.

    MoxieMacgyver / Via

    7. And this lovely cat who got a delightful fish cake.

    seriserotonin / Via

    8. This fluffy grey boy who managed not to set his whiskers on fire.

    xenogrant / Via

    9. This kitty who got a lovely birthday cake made from compressed meat.

    Iamnotverygoodonthespot / Via

    10. This cat who got a present and everything.

    Wolffkran / Via

    Look how excited he is about the pet grass!

    11. Choppy, who got this cake that is even bigger than he is.

    hspiggy / Via

    12. This honestly adorable baby.

    ThatGuyNamedRye / Via

    13. These little kittens having a party.

    gepettothecrab / Via

    14. And this cat who's excited on the INSIDE.

    smaztastic / Via

    15. This kitty getting a fishy.

    mirocj / Via

    16. And this floof having a wild time with their friends.

    @krstotts / Via Twitter: @krstotts

    17. Nobody loves a birthday party more than this cat.

    @_kaylie_dawn / Via Twitter: @_kaylie_dawn

    18. Honestly loving life.

    here's me at my cat's first birthday party.. she's really really happy💗

    19. Look at this kitty who got dressed up all fancy for their party!

    20. Bless you sweet birthday cat.

    @LOLDevon / Via Twitter: @LOLDevon

    21. Aww.

    22. Have a wonderful day, birthday cats!

    @emuhlovely / Via Twitter: @emuhlovely

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