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22 Questions Not To Ask Your Queer Relatives This Christmas

I don’t know, random cousin, how do YOU have sex?

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1. “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?”

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Fine to ask if you're close and regularly talk about this sort of thing, not fine if you're not.

If we DO have one, we'll tell you. Or maybe we won't.


6. “Why do you all dress the same?”

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Why do all straight people only buy jeans from Gap? They don't. See how strange that sounds the other way round?


13. “So how do you know if someone is gay/lesbian/bi/queer/trans?”


You don't. I mean, you can ask them when you're friends, but it's definitely not polite as an opening question.


20. “But how would you have kids? Would you adopt?”

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Let me ask you a bunch of really detailed questions about how you conceived your kids. No tell me. All the details, please.


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