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23 Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me When I'm Old"

Retirement goals.

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1. When you need to get revenge on your grandkids for not visiting.

@harryasprey / Via Twitter: @harryasprey

2. And when you need to prove to the grandkids that you still got it.

@VStowe / Via Twitter: @VStowe

3. When you do a nice piece of embroidery for your house.

Daedalus031 ยท / Via

4. And when you take up knitting.

@1dafsanta / Via Twitter: @1dafsanta

5. When you decide it's time to get into gardening.

6. When you make a lovely family album.


7. When you finally get your revenge on those people you never liked at high school.

8. When you need to stop the grandkids from stealing your skittles.

missepnut / Via

9. When you're really elderly, but you haven't lost your petty side.

10. When you honestly don't care what anyone thinks any more.

@_ZuCcA / Via Twitter: @_ZuCcA

11. And you're not ashamed.

@philsadelphia / Via Twitter: @philsadelphia

12. When you still have a ridiculous sense of humour.

13. When you keep in shape.

14. When you reach your relationship peak.

@Amazinglykaile / Via Twitter: @Amazinglykaile

15. But you still keep the magic alive.

@valeriexjaneeee / Via Twitter: @valeriexjaneeee


16. And you take up new hobbies.

17. When you need to show everyone who's boss.

Schnarf_Shnarf / Via

18. When you refuse to give up partying.

19. And you have to show the kids of today how it's done.

Pretty good wedding we went to this weekend shoot my grandma was even pre gaming ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜น

20. When you try out new types of social media. / Via

21. When you treat yourself.

the_vole / Via

22. When you don't give AF what anyone thinks about your dress sense.

23. And when you finally move into the retirement home of your dreams.

@lwolf101 / Via Twitter: @lwolf101