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Can You Make It Through This Post Without Bursting Into Tears?

RIP all these cakes.

1. This beautiful cake that never got the chance to shine.

2. This upsetting pavement cake.

3. This birthday cake that had an altercation with the ground.

4. This slice that got so close to making it.

5. This chocolate cake that never got to live.

6. This birthday surprise that is just too upsetting for words.

7. This traybake that definitely didn't look better on the floor.

8. This little guy who gave some pigeons a great day.

9. This sad strawberry one that could definitely have been eaten off the ground.

10. And this birthday puddle disaster that definitely couldn't have been saved.

11. This guy who wanted to explore the kitchen cabinets.

12. And this one that wanted to check out the world outside the fridge.

13. This dessert that just felt it would coordinate really well with the rug.

did skylar just drop the whole cake on the floor??

14. This plain sponge that wanted to see the world.

Tonight I decided I wanted to drop a perfectly good cake on the floor. #fml

15. This marble mess.

16. This extremely fancy cake that was extremely ruined.

17. This red velvet disaster.

18. This surprise cake that surprisingly hit the ground.

Turnin 20 Shae & Shontal sneakin ova at Midnight n Surprising Me.den Shae Drop da Cake on da floor..we still ate

19. And this chocolate birthday cake that just wanted to see more of the carpet.