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    19 Pictures That Will Deeply Upset All Tea Lovers

    How can you get it so wrong?

    1. This extremely sad cup of tea.

    2. This horrible fizzy cup of train tea.

    3. This real as hell tweet.

    4. And the absolute state of this cup of tea.

    5. This mistake that everyone has made at least once.

    6. This deeply tragic empty teabag.

    7. This sweetener fail.

    8. This teabag that sadly went too close to the sun.

    9. This way overpoured cup.

    10. This unhappy biscuit death.

    11. And this rich tea who gave its life in a cup of tea.

    12. This tea and toast nightmare.

    13. This truly fatal error.

    14. Seriously, stop putting Berocca in tea.

    15. Whatever the hell happened here.

    16. This lovely teapot with a strainer that doesn't fit.

    17. This disaster.

    18. This desk tragedy.

    19. And this horribly, horribly curdled milk.