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    19 Pictures That Will Deeply Upset All Tea Lovers

    How can you get it so wrong?

    1. This extremely sad cup of tea.

    @alanilagan / Via Twitter: @alanilagan

    Why does bad tea happen to good people?

    2. This horrible fizzy cup of train tea.

    @leiiasolo / Via Twitter: @leiiasolo

    3. This real as hell tweet.

    @1TD / Via Twitter: @1TD

    4. And the absolute state of this cup of tea.

    @MakeThriftLDN / Via Twitter: @MakeThriftLDN

    When milk in first goes wrong.

    5. This mistake that everyone has made at least once.

    @richpeart / Via Twitter: @richpeart

    6. This deeply tragic empty teabag.

    @Caileda / Via Twitter: @Caileda

    7. This sweetener fail.

    @JustJoshHeyy / Via Twitter: @JustJoshHeyy

    8. This teabag that sadly went too close to the sun.

    @mv_poulton / Via Twitter: @mv_poulton

    9. This way overpoured cup.

    @danielleemilne / Via Twitter: @danielleemilne


    10. This unhappy biscuit death.

    HSouthey / Via Twitter: @HSouthey

    11. And this rich tea who gave its life in a cup of tea.

    @MrsRuddock / Via Twitter: @MrsRuddock

    12. This tea and toast nightmare.

    @corpocalypse / Via Twitter: @corpocalypse

    That's not how you do it.

    13. This truly fatal error.

    @GemTrebBridal / Via Twitter: @GemTrebBridal

    14. Seriously, stop putting Berocca in tea.

    @johnbfagan / Via Twitter: @johnbfagan

    Poor tea :(

    15. Whatever the hell happened here.

    @Sarahthehoff / Via Twitter: @Sarahthehoff

    16. This lovely teapot with a strainer that doesn't fit.

    @EllieLRoss / Via Twitter: @EllieLRoss

    So sad :(

    17. This disaster.

    @Camel2107 / Via Twitter: @Camel2107

    18. This desk tragedy.

    @SeekingSlender / Via Twitter: @SeekingSlender

    19. And this horribly, horribly curdled milk.

    @Matthewizdbest / Via Twitter: @Matthewizdbest

    *Never stops gagging*

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