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18 Completely Unforgivable Crimes Against Books

"Yes is that the police I'd like to report a crime against books"

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1. This book that wanted to see the world.

2. This one that fancied a swim.

3. And this one that got put in a urinal.

4. This one that had a bad time in the mud.

5. This book that tried to dry out in the microwave.

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6. And this one that actually caught fire.

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7. This sad and lonely soul who was left behind.

8. This upsettingly naked novel.

9. This one that is seconds from death's door.

10. This copy of Jane Eyre that never got a chance to shine.


11. This book cover that got bent to shit.

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NOO NOO NOO *cries*

12. This innocent book being used as a DOORSTOP.

13. This one that got written on and thus RUINED FOR EVER.

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14. And this one that was trashed in the name of romance.

I would like to think he also got her an un-ruined version of the book as well.

Nice one now the book is dead.

15. This innocent book who was destroyed in the name of art.

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So many folds :(

16. This copy of Harry Potter that was literally CUT UP.

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17. This unfortunate wobbly table corrector.

18. And this dog with no fucking respect at all.