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18 Completely Unforgivable Crimes Against Books

"Yes is that the police I'd like to report a crime against books"

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5. This book that tried to dry out in the microwave.

Instagram: @redpokiepenguin

6. And this one that actually caught fire.

Instagram: @cadumarinho

11. This book cover that got bent to shit.

Instagram: @josiejette

NOO NOO NOO *cries*


13. This one that got written on and thus RUINED FOR EVER.

Instagram: @zilirobins

14. And this one that was trashed in the name of romance.

I would like to think he also got her an un-ruined version of the book as well.

Nice one now the book is dead.

15. This innocent book who was destroyed in the name of art.

Instagram: @orinokocraft

So many folds :(