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22 Pictures That Prove Children Are Hilarious Geniuses

"What ended in 1896? 1895."

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1. This child who fixed the toilet roll.

2. The little person who was just being set up for failure.

pleated-jeans / Via

3. And this kid who is definitely smarter than their teacher.

Beave1 / Via

4. This boy who's got marriage figured out already.

thereoncewasanuglybarnaclehewassouglyeveryonedied / Via

5. This kid's idea, which actually makes total sense when you think about it.

Sheekus / Via

6. This smart-ass.

diazblo / Via

7. These children who decided these were all good names for a baby.

"These are my kids, Dog and Grandma."
Megpie_01 / Via

"These are my kids, Dog and Grandma."

8. These kids who are honestly geniuses.

NeofelisNight / Via

9. This toddler who kind of has a point, actually.

@Rockin_it_soL0 / Via Twitter: @Rockin_it_soL0

10. The kid who wrote this weirdly beautiful answer.

Too true.
@GarryBrown75 / Via Twitter: @GarryBrown75

Too true.

11. This little genius who found a pretty great shortcut.

That's just smart.
Flying0neFeb / Via

That's just smart.

12. And this future historian.

They're technically right.
Ecuatoriano / Via

They're technically right.

13. This girl who did what anyone would do.

ABC 7 Sarasota / Via

14. And this child who has the right idea about tornado safety.

SodomizingBarackObama / Via

15. This kid who put sweets on his cereal, because apple means fruit.

@gdnickel / Via Twitter: @gdnickel

16. The kid who saw this as a completely legit life aspiration.

Me too, kid, me too.
malrog / Via

Me too, kid, me too.

17. This child, who really should have got an extra point.

TokenDave / Via

18. This mathematical genius.

irishchck14 / Via

19. And this one who knew exactly what they were doing.

kahersh / Via

20. This kid who is honestly on another level.

@Lyssie_88 / Via Twitter: @Lyssie_88

21. This kid who was also COMPLETELY correct.

@CFudgemuffin / Via Twitter: @CFudgemuffin

22. And this kid who was told they could watch TV if they ate half their hot dog.

Now that's flawless logic.
anotherkeebler / Via

Now that's flawless logic.