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    16 Pictures Of Gals Just Being Pals

    Because the G in LGBT stands for gal pals.

    1. These two gal pals enjoying a friendly embrace after finding out the offer they made on a house just got accepted.

    Thinkstock Images / Getty Images

    2. These two, whose families describe them as "just really close friends", looking longingly at each other in their shared bed of friendship.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    3. These two besties who have been wrestling on their hotel bed, while enjoying a platonic Valentine's Day weekend getaway.

    Dynamic Graphics / Getty Images

    4. These close pals enjoying a reassuring hug, in their friendship lingerie.

    Denis83 / Getty Images

    5. These buddies who've decided to have a beautiful photoshoot done to celebrate what great friends they are.

    Konstantin Grishin / Getty Images

    6. These two live in gal pals picking out furniture from Ikea, to fill the house they share together, as friends.

    Portra / Getty Images

    7. These two platonic besties who just like to spend platonic lazy Sunday mornings together reading the papers.

    Doug Menuez / Getty Images

    8. These ladies, whose relatives describe them as "BFFs", sharing a kiss and a glass of champagne to celebrate the fact that they just got accepted to adopt a dog together.

    Rikke68 / Getty Images

    9. This girl who proposed that she and her BFF be friends forever.

    Anton Gvozdikov / Getty Images

    10. These two gal pals who have chosen to commit as friends, for the rest of their lives.

    Ahavelaar / Getty Images / Via

    11. These best buddies showing off their new friendship rings.

    Courtyardpix / Getty Images

    12. These "just close friends" who have invited a horse with them to celebrate their lifelong friendship.

    Creatista / Getty Images

    13. These two who've gone to a couples only honeymoon hotel, for a friendship vacation.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    14. These close female friends who are really excited about the baby they are having together, platonically.

    Creatista / Getty Images

    15. These best buddies spending quality time with the baby and dog they adopted as friends.

    Dglimages / Getty Images

    16. And this cake, celebrating the power of female friendship.

    Ivonnew / Getty Images

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