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    21 Pictures Of Food That Will Make You Slightly Uncomfortable

    Who knew peeled lemons were so creepy?

    1. This backwards Oreo.

    ApplyBurnHeal / Via

    2. This slightly misaligned cracker.

    thisiskitteh / Via

    3. This creepy lemon.

    TMexCandy / Via

    4. And this peeled watermelon.

    Ididnotpassthegas / Via

    5. This turkey cake.

    Urbanglitch / Via

    Or as the label says, "large yellow character cake".

    6. This apple.

    billermeth / Via

    7. This straight banana.

    catchmorehoneysbeingfly / Via

    8. This Kit Kat with no wafer.

    willseph / Via

    9. This Haribo egg with extra white.

    RopeCheese / Via


    10. And this hard-boiled egg yolk.

    @chrisnebeker / Via Twitter: @chrisnebeker

    11. This jawbreaker where you can see all the layers like a tree.

    Auroraceratops / Via

    12. This Jaffa Cake with no jelly.

    @Lauren_malone3 / Via Twitter: @Lauren_malone3

    13. This peeled peach.

    @ewokstorm / Via Twitter: @ewokstorm

    Oh noooo.

    14. And this weird peeled lemon.

    @jadebelcher197 / Via Twitter: @jadebelcher197

    15. This giant Sour Patch Kid.

    milkmint002 / Via

    16. These creepily huge grapes.

    RandomZombie / Via

    17. And this massive French fry.

    MostlyDogs / Via

    18. This Reese's Cup with no peanut butter.

    @sorrydogsrule / Via Twitter: @sorrydogsrule

    19. This huge nerd.

    m3taknight / Via

    20. This giant block of Doritos dust.

    @theTANNmanCAN / Via Twitter: @theTANNmanCAN

    21. And this extremely horrifying mango seed.

    luriso / Via