21 Pictures Of Food That Will Make You Slightly Uncomfortable

    Who knew peeled lemons were so creepy?

    1. This backwards Oreo.

    2. This slightly misaligned cracker.

    3. This creepy lemon.

    4. And this peeled watermelon.

    5. This turkey cake.

    6. This apple.

    7. This straight banana.

    8. This Kit Kat with no wafer.

    9. This Haribo egg with extra white.

    10. And this hard-boiled egg yolk.

    11. This jawbreaker where you can see all the layers like a tree.

    12. This Jaffa Cake with no jelly.

    13. This peeled peach.

    14. And this weird peeled lemon.

    15. This giant Sour Patch Kid.

    16. These creepily huge grapes.

    17. And this massive French fry.

    18. This Reese's Cup with no peanut butter.

    19. This huge nerd.

    20. This giant block of Doritos dust.

    21. And this extremely horrifying mango seed.