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    16 People Who Should Definitely Not Be Allowed In Shops

    Because rearranging shop displays to spell rude words is life's simplest joy.

    1. Whoever got bored in the baby section of Target and decided to do this.

    2. And the person who created this sweet ass display.

    3. The person behind this delightfully British rebellion.

    4. And the person who ruined these nice cushions.

    5. The bold person who felt like livening up the herbs and spices section.

    6. And the genius who saw an opportunity and ran with it.

    Creatively rearranged the spices in tesco

    7. The humbug who ruined Christmas.

    8. And the person who took it a little further.

    9. The rebel behind this cushion display.

    10. The comedian who fucked with these nice wooden letters.

    11. And the person who slyly hid this in a display.

    12. Whoever got tired of doing their shopping in Asda.

    13. The person who got bored in Walmart.

    Hahahahaha letters rearranged at walmart

    14. And the anarchist who got bored in the very same section.

    15. The person who wrecked this lovely towel display.

    16. And the badass who did this in a Bed Bath and Beyond.