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19 Things Everyone Who Grew Up With Pushy Parents Will Understand

“I don’t care about what grade everyone else got, I care about you.”

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1. There was no such thing as getting a B.

"You got a B in English? Oh well, I guess Burger King might be hiring."

"Mum, I'm 12".

2. And you definitely couldn’t pull the “but everyone else failed the test” card.

#GrowingUpWithStrictParents "mom everyone failed that test" "I don't care about everyone I care about you"

3. School report day was the day you feared most.

when your mum is reading your report card

Even if you knew you'd worked ridiculously hard all year round. God forbid a "satisfactory" mark in anything.


4. You and your older siblings were constantly in competition.

When ur parents start to compare you to your brother/sister and u start to catch some feelings #GrowingUpWithSiblings

"Well Becky got an A in that when she was your age."

5. You couldn’t do anything fun 'til you’d done your homework.

Mom: how much homework do you have? Me: not a lot

And then there were chores before you could go play.

6. Your school science projects were pretty much professional standard.

No sticking stuff to old cereal boxes for you; your school projects looked like something that could be used in a museum.

7. You spent every evening doing a ridiculous number of extracurricular activities.

You were doing piano lessons, Japanese lessons, Scouts, ballet, karate, book club, and hockey, pretty much from birth onwards. All the required things to get you into a good university.


8. And your weekends were spent doing the same.

Time to set my alarm to get up for early morning orchestra tomorrow...

Getting up at 7am on a Saturday for orchestra practice SUCKED.

9. Getting a bad part in a school play was basically shaming your family.

10. Your house was covered in certificates and prizes which you had won.

Though obviously only the good ones.

11. Your parents complained to the school that you didn’t get enough homework.



12. So sometimes your parents set you homework themselves.

"Your teacher wants you to do questions one to ten, so why don't you do up to number 20 as well?"

15. Car journeys were spent doing times tables and spellings.

How are you going to get a high-paying job if you can't do your 13 times tables before you turn 5?


16. And school holidays were no excuse to stop learning.

Just because you're off school that doesn't mean you get to stop your weekly reading assignments.

17. So all of your family holidays had to be educational.

It's not a family holiday unless you spend half of it touring museums and ruins. A lot of them were pretty cool, to be fair.

18. And all of your birthday presents.

19. But even though you complained sometimes, you know now that your parents just wanted the best for you.

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Also all those ridiculous extracurricular activities meant you actually had stuff to write on those university application forms.