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23 School Textbooks That Just Made Everything More Confusing

Who the hell is writing these things?

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1. This man, who is living his best life.

2. This definition.

"Crying: What you feel like doing after writing statistics textbooks."

3. This baby red panda who has absolutely nothing to do with HTML5.

4. This horrifying moment.

5. These girls who may be trying to rip a dog in half to explain some physics.

What the fuck?

6. This conversation which is all too familiar.

7. This definition of "eel" which raises so many questions.

"They should probably not be inserted into your anus to cure constipation (or for any other reason)".

8. This rodent who is literally getting laid way more than you.

"Sooty enjoyed two nights of passion among 24 females".

9. This dog enjoying some chemistry.

10. This image which is clearly a very good definition of financial flexibility.

11. This horrifying warning of the dangers of mayonnaise.

12. This picture which may be Nicolas Cage having a bad time.

13. This well prepared cat.

14. This hotness contest which is totally scientific.

15. This 1950s dude who proves Justin Bieber is a time traveller.

16. This baffling English conversation practice.

Important to know.

17. This communications textbook which called Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" "OK to Tok".


Seems legit.

18. This creepy diagram that explains how rainbows work.

19. This picture of Will Ferrell which somehow explains maths.

Wtf is there a picture of @WillFerreI from blades of glory in this math textbook? 😂

20. These creepy folk who are WAY too into their map.

21. These students who are holding the textbook they are on the cover of.

So meta.

22. These moles.

Chemistry humour.

23. And this mysterious maths raccoon.

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