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    19 Social Media Fail Stories That Will Make You Cringe So Hard

    *deletes all social media accounts*

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their most embarrassing social media fails – here are some of the best responses:

    1) I went on two dates with a girl I liked. I decided to stalk her family on social media in the middle of the night and I accidentally added her mother as a friend.

    Her mother accepted.

    Submitted by FleurZola

    2) You know how Ron Burgundy says, "Well that escalated quickly"? In the sixth grade I accidentally posted on my sister's Instagram photo "Well that ejaculated quickly." I've never been more embarrassed.

    Submitted by maddiegriffin32.

    3) Once when I was talking to a guy in private messages I got my screens mixed up and announced to EVERYONE on Facebook how large my penis is and what I like to do sexually. My mother saw it. I stayed off Facebook for a month solid.

    Submitted by Tony Trotter, Facebook

    4) I once added my crush into a DM on Instagram about my crush…things got awkward to say the least.

    Submitted by Abbsters05

    5) In seventh grade I changed my relationship status to "in a relationship with…" and meant for it to say Nick Jonas, but since he wasn't my friend it just said that I was in a relationship. My friends commented to find out who. I had to reply with "Nick Jonas". I still live in shame of it.

    Submitted by hannahw40dc3cb05.

    6) My now ex and I were Snapchatting some sexy pics to each other and he accidentally sent a dick pic to his My Story.

    Submitted by kellys10.

    7) I was drunk-creeping on someone I know irl on Tumblr and accidentally hit follow. Drunk me decided the best remedy for this would be to delete my entire Tumblr that I'd had for years. Drunk me is an asshole.

    Submitted by Courtney.

    8) A few years ago, my mom needed my social security number for something and instead of texting it to her, I unknowingly tweeted it. My friend called me like "you know you tweeted your SSN, riiiight". Like noooo, I did not know that? #jackass

    Submitted by 4everLyoung.

    9) A girl I know was once trying to drunk Facebook-stalk her boyfriend's ex. She woke up in the morning to find that instead of searching the girl's name she'd just made it her status over and over again. They broke up.

    Submitted by Remee

    10) I once saw this cute couple post on Instagram and I was supposed to tag my best friend but instead I tagged my crush. Luckily he didn't respond back.

    Submitted by jazzee.

    11) When I was a "scene" teenager I came up with the scene nickname "Tia Titties". Fast forward three years and I was sending out resumes to tons of potential employers via email. Curious as to why I wasn't getting any callbacks I looked at my email and sure enough these employers were getting resumes from Tia Titties. Lesson learned.

    Submitted by tiap4b90c16e1.

    12) Not my fail per se, but my mother "accidentally" Facebook friended the woman my ex-boyfriend married. She accepted. I'm mortified.

    Submitted by Majestic27.

    13) I've done many embarrassing things but a couple of months ago I got a question on, asking me what my favorite season was. I replied with a "Of what show?" I then realized they meant season of the year.

    Submitted by karlacaantu.

    14) When I first made a Facebook, I saw where you can post a status, I thought this meant relationship status…. So my first Facebook post was the word "single".

    Submitted by beckyb4910baff8.

    15) When I was in high school, a very popular teacher got arrested for having multiple affairs with some of my classmates, and the day she got arrested I went to search for her name but instead set it as my status. I didn't realize my mistake until I was called in to the principal's office and was asked if I knew specific details about the ordeal.

    Submitted by colemanl

    16) I sent a friend request on Facebook to the boy my daughter liked when I was searching him on Facebook.

    Submitted by jodil4259840a2

    17) I stalked my co-worker's Instagram and went through every photo. Next week, she went private and I asked her about it at work. She gave me a weird look and said "I don't remember telling you about my Instagram".

    Submitted by katelynk4907bdf96.

    18) About a year ago I was Snapchatting this super cute guy I had just started talking to. I had just sent something to the guy when I got a Snapchat from my best friend saying she was eating chocolate chip cookies. So naturally, I made the most hideous, obnoxious face I could and the caption said "soft or hard?" because I prefer the soft kind and she prefers the crunchy kind. I clicked the name at the top of my friends list and hit send when I realized to my horror I had sent it to the cute guy. Picture that, you open a Snapchat from a girl you're talking to and its just the most obnoxious picture that's captioned "soft or hard?" I wanted to explain but I realized I didn't have his number….

    Submitted by blairw4c3016fcb.

    19) I am a big fan of romance and erotic novels, so I joined a fan group on Facebook. I posted on it a lot and talked about different series and such. I found out it was a public group when my future mother-in-law pointed out some of the things I had written.

    Submitted by wareaglelady.