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26 Grey Cats Who Are Too Damn Beautiful For This World

They're so fluffy and majestic.

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5. They have such squishy faces.

Instagram: @caseyoconnor27


8. They're always willing to help out with your work.

9. They'll always make sure you're sticking to your diet.

Instagram: @comradelarry

"I think you've had enough bread today Sophie."

10. And they'll definitely join you for some yoga.

Instagram: @venus_therussianblue

11. They're always keen to help out with the dishes.

Instagram: @tatiana

"Excuse me that casserole dish still has gravy burned onto it, I won't stand for this kind of thing in my house."

12. Because obviously they understand the importance of cleanliness.

Instagram: @grinsekatze_91

16. They always know their best selfie angle.

Instagram: @tinyau_meow

18. But they have a very busy schedule.

Instagram: @pia_frrr

19. So sometimes they can get pretty angry.

"Don't even look at me right now."


22. But they immediately know how to get your forgiveness.

Instagram: @beau_at_home