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26 Grey Cats Who Are Too Damn Beautiful For This World

They're so fluffy and majestic.

1. Hello, this is an adorable little grey kitty.

tudor133 / Via


2. They are pretty much the most gorgeous fluffy creatures to exist.

uline00 / Via

3. How can they BE this fluffy?

AsYourMama / Via

4. Just look at this gentle majestic furry baby.


"Yes these will be perfect for the wedding Susan, get my PA to order 200."

5. They have such squishy faces.

6. They love to snuggle.

Panicattic / Via

7. And they're a friend to other kitties.

j0nthegreat / Via

8. They're always willing to help out with your work.

9. They'll always make sure you're sticking to your diet.

10. And they'll definitely join you for some yoga.

11. They're always keen to help out with the dishes.

12. Because obviously they understand the importance of cleanliness.

13. Sometimes they look a little sad.

OanaC / Via

14. And a lot of the time they look pretty concerned.


*remembers awkward thing that happened five years ago*

15. But they're not afraid to have fun.

inspectorin / Via

16. They always know their best selfie angle.

17. And they have a number of excellent poses.

Langhoff / Via

"Draw me like one of your French girls."

18. But they have a very busy schedule.

19. So sometimes they can get pretty angry.

20. And sometimes they're verrryyy sassy.


21. They can definitely be very naughty too.


Follow your dreams kitten <3

22. But they immediately know how to get your forgiveness.

23. How could you be annoyed with this face?

GuillaumeDuBosc / Via

24. Obviously it's pretty tiring being that beautiful.

williamswriter / Via

25. So it's time to sleep.

26. Honestly, why do we even deserve these cats?

YouveBeenBamboozled / Via

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