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If Relationships Were Like They Are On The Sims

WooHoo all day.

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4. You’d strike up a conversation with the hottest looking person there, and they wouldn’t be freaked out at all.

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There would be loads of people around who you could potentially bang. Probably one of the Goth family, they're pretty rich.


13. And then get married immediately.

I made a beautiful wedding area for my Sims so they ignored it and got married in the kitchen.

Better invite the neighbours round for a beautiful ceremony in your kitchen. It's chill, you're probably wearing wedding clothes under your normal clothes, just spin round and see what happens.

14. If one of your guests died at your wedding and the Grim Reaper turned up, it wouldn’t necessarily mean that it went badly.


On the plus side, you might even become friends with Grim. Fires at weddings would also be completely fine.


18. And having kids wouldn't really affect your life that much.

"OMG, my baby is on fire! I need to tweet this!"

Because you could mostly ignore them.

21. But if you got caught cheating it would be pretty easy to get forgiveness.