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    Oct 7, 2015

    14 Things You Did To Look Cool As Teens That Aren't Cool Now

    "Yeah, I nicked this vodka from my parents house." "Wow, that's kind of a dick move."

    1. Claiming to have a boyfriend/girlfriend in “another town”.

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    Why it seemed cool then: It indicated that you *might* have got to third base with someone.

    Why it's not cool now: It would be pretty damn obvious. Like, "Ooh yeah, just going away this weekend to visit my boyfriend in another town who absolutely exists and definitely isn't just a stock photo I found on Google."

    2. Drinking large amounts of cheap cider/beer in parks.

    3. Stealing booze from your parents' house.

    4. Smoking in the school toilets.

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    Why it seemed cool then: Those kids at every school who slyly smoked were generally completely terrifying but you still kind of wanted to be in their group.

    Why it's not cool now: Well, it's illegal for a start, and it's absolutely gross.

    5. Pretending to have lost your virginity.

    thelonelyisland / Via

    Why it seemed cool then: Because claiming to have had sex was grown-up and glamorous.

    Why it's not cool now: Everyone's real virginity-losing stories are basically awkward and embarrassing and only to be shared after at least three bottles of wine. And lying about it if you haven't is RIDICULOUS.

    6. Smoking weed on school premises.

    E4 / Via

    Why it seemed cool then: This was a blatant breach of school rules so those hardcore stoner kids seemed super badass, even if they *were* mostly failing.

    Why it's not cool now: Yeah, doing drugs at work is going to get you fired, *especially* if you brag about it to all your colleagues.

    7. Setting off the fire alarm for the lols.

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    Why it seemed cool then: Because you got to miss at least half an hour of class while the school sorted it out.

    Why it's not cool now: You'll probably end up staying late at work to catch up with the work you missed because you were standing outside your building for ages. Also, it's cold outside.

    8. Swearing at an authority figure.

    StudioCanal / Via

    Why it seemed cool then: Being rude to a teacher gave you the ultimate "hard kid who doesn't answer to anyone" status.

    Why it's not cool now: It pretty much just means you're an arsehole. And you'll probably be arrested if you do it to a police officer.

    9. Not trying with any of your work.

    10. Flagrantly breaching the dress code.

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    Why it seemed cool then: Rolling your skirt up, not tucking your shirt in, or wearing something with an offensive slogan on it screamed, "Hey, I don't care about your rules, SOCIETY."

    Why it's not cool now: It would just look hilarious if men in offices started making their ties really short and wearing "Fuck the Police" hoodies. Actually, please do this.

    11. Setting fire to deodorant on your hand, and other ridiculously dangerous things involving fire.

    Blue Wolf Productions / Via

    Why it seemed cool then: Because it involved fire and DANGER and therefore coolness.

    Why it's not cool now: Holy shit, this is dangerous. Nobody is going to be impressed with self-inflicted burns, even if the flames did look sort of cool for a few seconds.

    12. Bragging about all the clothes your parents bought for you.

    af-outlet-online / Via

    Why it seemed cool then: It meant this person always had the latest Abercrombie Hoody that everyone coveted.

    Why it's not cool now: As an adult it's not so impressive to have your parents buy all your clothes for you.

    13. Going on about much pocket money you get.

    14. Staying up really late.

    Bravo / Via

    Why it seemed cool then: No fucking idea, but it always seemed like a contest to see who stayed up the latest on a school night. Those kids who had no official bedtime just seemed way more edgy than those who had to have lights out by 10pm.

    Why it's not cool now: Adults brag about who gets the most sleep, because sleeping is the best thing.

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