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    Posted on Oct 13, 2015

    53 Things That Mildly Thrill British People

    Because there's nothing more exciting than realising you remembered to bring your own bags to Tesco.

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    1. Being asked for directions by a tourist and actually knowing how to get there.

    2. Having both custard and ice cream with your pudding.

    3. Getting a phonecall to your house that isn't about PPI.

    4. Receiving any post that isn't from the bank, the DVLA, or the council.

    5. Leaving your house at the exact time the postie arrives so they hand it to you.

    6. Actually remembering whether it's bin day or recycling day.

    7. When someone get up and says "tea?" and puts the kettle on without being asked.

    8. When someone makes you a cup of tea in the exact way you like it without completely fucking it up.

    9. Dunking a biscuit in your tea for a risky amount of time and having it come out in one piece.

    10. The first day of the year when you don't feel too hot in your big coat.

    11. When it's raining and you actually remembered to pick up your umbrella that morning.

    12. An unexpectedly sunny day in December.

    13. When you have the exact change to pay at the newsagent.

    14. Getting the front window seat on the top deck of the bus so you can pretend to drive it.

    15. When you go a whole bus journey without someone sitting next to you.

    16. Managing to eat a scone without someone bringing up how to pronounce it or whether the jam should go on before the cream.

    17. Driving down the twisty ramps in a multi-storey car park.

    18. Finding a pound in a shopping trolley and keeping it.

    19. Actually remembering to bring your supermarket points vouchers with you and getting 12p off your shopping.

    20. Getting home from the shops and realising that the cashier forgot to scan one of your items.

    21. Stopping at a petrol station and driving past the next one and smugly noticing that it's 3p more a litre.

    22. Arriving starving at a grim-looking service station and finding that it has a mini Waitrose so you can get a nice sandwich.

    23. Eating anything from M&S.

    24. Ordering something risky in a restaurant and actually enjoying it.

    25. When someone gives you their parking ticket because it has a couple of hours left on it.

    26. Finding something in Poundland that you normally buy for more money.

    27. Paying for something with your Boots card points.

    28. Getting an extra dough ball at Pizza Express.

    29. When the train door stops right in front of where you're standing on the platform.

    30. Travelling on an old slam-door train at the weekend.

    31. When nobody is sitting in your reserved seat.

    32. Getting a black cab.

    33. Leaving work at precisely the time you're meant to leave.

    34. Noticing your kitchen clock has stopped working and actually having the correct-size working battery in your drawer of detritus.

    35. When you forget that it's a bank holiday and have a glorious surprise three-day weekend.

    36. Realising you remembered to take your own bag to the supermarket so you don't have to pay 5p.

    37. When you're at the bar in a pub and everyone respects the queuing system.

    38. When a pub has a friendly resident pub dog or cat.

    39. Nipping to the bank at lunchtime and not having to queue.

    40. Eating an ice lolly outside and the wasps leaving you alone.

    41. When you manage to eat fish and chips at the beach without being attacked by seagulls.

    42. Winning slightly crap toys on penny arcade machines at the seaside.

    43. Having a risky BBQ in April.

    44. Walking past a shop with a pun in the title.

    45. When someone brings fancy biscuits from their holiday to work.

    46. Getting a caterpillar cake on your birthday even though you're probably slightly too old.

    47. Having a fry-up and bravely asking the waiter to switch one of the items you don't like for more hash browns.

    48. Mixing different kinds of cereal together.

    49. When someone you went to school with is in the local paper.

    50. When the place you're from is on TV.

    51. Blatant innuendo on telly before the watershed.

    52. When someone accidentally swears on the BBC.

    53. When a rude word is spelled out on Countdown.

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