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Posted on Sep 22, 2015

How Much Do You REALLY Know About Cake?

'Cause I gotta have cake.

  1. What type of icing is this?

    Sarah Howells/Wikimedia Commons
  2. Which of these would you traditionally add to red velvet cake mix?

    Jacinta Lodge/Flickr
  3. What stops rolled fondant icing from setting solid?

  4. What might you bake into an English Christmas cake as a token of good luck?

    James Petts/Wikimedia Commons
  5. When would you eat a Simnel cake?

    Tim Regan/Flickr
  6. What is the primary flavour of marzipan?

  7. What spirit would you traditionally put in a Black Forest Gateaux?

  8. Which of these is a bundt cake tin?

  9. What country does Kransekage (wreath cake) come from?

    cyclonebill/Wikimedia Commons
  10. What is ganache made from?

  11. How do you traditionally make cake pops?

  12. What country did mooncakes originate in?

    Lybil BER/Wikimedia Commons
  13. What kind of cake is this?

    Mindmatrix/Wikimedia Commons

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