24 Absolutely Horrendous Vintage Recipes

    Mmmm, so much meaty gelatine.

    1. "Salad".

    2. A nice dinner, trapped forever in a gelatinous prison.

    3. Meringue farm animals drowning in a yellow gelatine sea.

    4. Vegetable quiche in aspic.

    5. Slices of processed cheese carefully layered on top of canned beef stew.

    6. Fizzy 7-Up milk.

    I actually tried to make this in the office kitchen. It curdled.

    7. Sad meaty fruit.

    8. Flaming sausage lettuce crown with a side of wet macaroni.

    9. A large jelly salmon.

    10. Stew frozen in time forever.

    11. This horror.

    12. Sexy-looking banana candles.

    13. Tooth-dissolving prune and marshmallows served over ice cream with melted marshmallow sauce.

    14. Ham in aspic, surrounded by a moat of a mystery gelatinous substance.

    15. A really chill log.

    16. Jellified beetroot and pineapple salad.

    17. Dead shrimp diving into a pool of rice and mystery fish.

    18. Cheese fudge.

    19. A really suspicious-looking piece of stuffed fish.

    20. Jellied tomato.

    21. This horrific space cake.

    22. Spam and banana fritters.

    23. Another fruity meat surprise.

    24. And this, a crown of roast frankfurters.

    H/T the justified sinner and The Weight Watchers Recipes of 1974 for some of the horrible recipes.