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    19 Ridiculous Types Of Furniture You Only Find In Hipster Places

    RIP normal chairs, gone but not forgotten.

    1. Beer crates for chairs.

    @3onner / Via Twitter: @3onner

    This must feel nice in a skirt.

    2. Children's tiny classroom chairs.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    In restaurants designed for adults.

    3. This classic type of hipster furniture where everything is made out of old pallets.

    @KingsofPR / Via Twitter: @KingsofPR

    This isn't even interesting anymore; it's just good recycling.

    4. And these tables made from giant cable spools.

    @ohpineapples_ / Via Twitter: @ohpineapples_

    5. An actual trolley as a seat, along with the classic tiny kids' chairs, old beer crates, and former pub tables.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    Before you ask, this isn't a thrift store sale: This is the actual seating of an actual outdoor restaurant.

    6. Church pews.

    @cameronbaskin / Via Twitter: @cameronbaskin

    In case you need Jesus while you're drowning your sorrows in £6 craft ale.

    7. Old gym equipment.

    Tanner and Co / Via Facebook: 442374005850298

    They also have an old pommel horse as the bar seating. It's a bit like being in a fancy PE lesson.

    8. This actual hell.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    I still don't really know how this would work.

    9. Old barber chairs.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    As you can see, this puts you at a really inconvenient angle for talking to your poor friend at the table next to you.

    10. Chairs and tables at completely the wrong height.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    See also: classic upcycled table.

    11. Bum chairs.

    12. Swings as seats.

    All very well until you've had a couple of beers.

    13. Old theatre seats.

    @PlottingParlour / Via Twitter: @PlottingParlour

    These are nice for sitting extremely close together in a straight line with your buddies on a night out.

    14. In the bathroom, old-fashioned taps that look like they belong in a science lab.

    @MrShaunCorcoran / Via Twitter: @MrShaunCorcoran

    15. Sinks made of buckets.

    @vastimbecility / Via Twitter: @vastimbecility

    16. And any other old shit you might find in your grandma's garage.

    @DaniaMontaruli / Via Twitter: @DaniaMontaruli

    17. Like a super hygienic mop bucket.

    @fitbafan / Via Twitter: @fitbafan

    Mmm looks so clean.

    18. Road signs as tables.

    @ElinaGrigoriou / Via Twitter: @ElinaGrigoriou


    19. And of course, an ironing board as a table in a bar.

    @niall77 / Via Twitter: @niall77

    Ah well, at least they're recycling!

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