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    19 Ridiculous Types Of Furniture You Only Find In Hipster Places

    RIP normal chairs, gone but not forgotten.

    1. Beer crates for chairs.

    2. Children's tiny classroom chairs.

    3. This classic type of hipster furniture where everything is made out of old pallets.

    4. And these tables made from giant cable spools.

    5. An actual trolley as a seat, along with the classic tiny kids' chairs, old beer crates, and former pub tables.

    6. Church pews.

    7. Old gym equipment.

    8. This actual hell.

    9. Old barber chairs.

    10. Chairs and tables at completely the wrong height.

    11. Bum chairs.

    12. Swings as seats.

    All very well until you've had a couple of beers.

    13. Old theatre seats.

    14. In the bathroom, old-fashioned taps that look like they belong in a science lab.

    15. Sinks made of buckets.

    16. And any other old shit you might find in your grandma's garage.

    17. Like a super hygienic mop bucket.

    18. Road signs as tables.

    19. And of course, an ironing board as a table in a bar.