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    Posted on Sep 19, 2015

    Freshers' Week Expectations Vs. Reality

    There will be vomit.

    1. Pre-drinking expectations:

    Pre-drinking in reality:

    Too poor to buy juice, drinking vodka and squash on the train. #biginthegame

    Basics vodka + basics squash.

    2. Drinking game expectations:

    Drinking games in reality:

    3. Joining university society expectations:

    Societies in reality:

    Is it weird that the milk appreciation society has made me like Sussex uni even more?

    4. Freshers' week grocery shopping expectations:

    Grocery shopping in reality:

    5. Freshers' week cooking expectations:

    Freshers' week cooking in reality:

    6. Drunk food expectations:

    Drunk food in reality:

    Dimly Lit Meals For One / Via Facebook: dimlylitmealsforone

    7. Decorating uni halls expectations:

    Decorating student halls in reality:

    University of Exeter / Via Flickr: 26126239@N02

    8. Doing the required reading on Instagram:

    Doing required reading in reality:

    Second month of class and I still haven't opened my textbook from the package.....

    9. Freshers' week dating expectations:

    Freshers' week dating in reality:

    Best of Exeter Yik Yak / Via Facebook: Best

    10. Taking lecture notes expectations:

    Taking lecture notes in reality:

    This dude's sleeping across some chairs in a lecture hall, in the front row.

    11. Student rep expectations:

    Student reps in reality:

    TheGiraffesAreComing / Via

    12. Student Union expectations:

    Student Unions in reality:

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    13. Fancy dress expectations:

    14. Fancy dress reality:

    sweet-gift-uk/eBay / Via

    15. Freshers' week hangover expectations:

    Hangovers in reality:

    When you're hungover but you have an assignment due at noon

    16. Freshers' Flu expectations:

    Freshers' flu in reality:


    17. Keeping in touch with family expectations:

    Keeping in touch with family in reality:

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

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