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    Updated on Aug 19, 2019. Posted on Oct 6, 2016

    19 Food Pictures That Will Make British People Uncomfortable

    This is offensive.

    1. This fairly threatening meat.

    thatsideoftheinternet / Via

    2. And this really quite sinister long meat bear tube.

    @momoxwales / Via Twitter: @momoxwales

    £8 worth of Billy Bear!

    3. This cup of tea, being made by microwaving cold water with a tea bag in it.

    @JustineDell / Via Twitter: @JustineDell

    4. And this cup of tea made with frothy milk.

    @mrsjillramsey / Via Twitter: @mrsjillramsey

    Look at the tea bag, listlessly floating in that sea of bubbles.

    5. This abuse of beans on toast.

    @hornetwhisperer / Via Twitter: @hornetwhisperer

    6. And this monstrous amount of Marmite.

    @pxlaroidsam / Via Twitter: @pxlaroidsam

    7. This extremely awkward jelly baby.

    @Delly38d / Via Twitter: @Delly38d

    8. This huge blob of Malteser insides with no chocolate.

    @LukeAnthonyCT / Via Twitter: @LukeAnthonyCT

    Oh noooo.

    9. This chocolate digestive with no chocolate.

    @kathieisgreat / Via Twitter: @kathieisgreat

    10. This Jaffa Cake with NO JELLY.

    @fatimafarhnn / Via Twitter: @fatimafarhnn

    11. And this Kit Kat with no wafer.

    @smiddynee / Via Twitter: @smiddynee

    Actually TBH this is a blessing.

    12. This picky eater's roast dinner.

    geoshortie_7 / Via Twitter: @geoshortie_7

    13. And this upsetting portion of fish and chips.

    @TheTiewTiewTiew / Via Twitter: @TheTiewTiewTiew

    14. This quite frankly disturbing attempt at a fry-up.

    @BeechardRich / Via Twitter: @BeechardRich


    15. This rubbish sausage bap.

    @Nico1938 / Via Twitter: @Nico1938

    16. This potato in a bag of crisps.

    AndyBartco / Via Twitter: @AndyBartco

    17. And this uncomfortably long Hula Hoop.

    @twit_brit / Via Twitter: @twit_brit

    18. This tragically damaged Percy Pig.

    @emilyhewitt96 / Via Twitter: @emilyhewitt96

    Poor Percy.

    19. And of course, this.

    @RenTyrie / Via Twitter: @RenTyrie