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19 Gross Vintage Foods That Will Make You Want To Cry

SURPRISE, it's a mountain of gelatinous mayo for dinner!

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1. The Miracle Whip, lemonade, 'n' ham platter.

jbcurio / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jbcurio

That's jelly made from frozen lemonade mixed with miracle whip and fruit cocktail. And then plated up with ham and artificial cheese. THE HORROR.

(Reader's Digest, June 1965)


5. A surprise gelatine mayo mountain.

jbcurio / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jbcurio

"Don't tell the family how easy it was, surprise them." I imagine most humans would be quite surprised that this is meant to be edible.

(Family Circle, August 1972)

7. Just any old shit thrown in a pile on a plate.

jbcurio / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jbcurio

I'm pretty sure that can mysteriously says "doned turkey". We're not even going to talk about the toast basket.

(Better Living, June 1953)


9. Salty hot shreaded wheat with syrup.

leix38 / Via

The recipe suggests putting the shredded wheat in a strainer, covering it with boiling salted water and then serving with cream and maple syrup. I mean, sure, you do you.

10. And shredded wheat covered in salt and butter.

jbcurio / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jbcurio

The recipe for an "Easy Treat for Parties" suggests covering this shredded wheat in butter and sprinkling it with salt to serve to your guests as nuts. OK.

(Collier's, 10 July 1943)