19 Gross Vintage Foods That Will Make You Want To Cry

    SURPRISE, it's a mountain of gelatinous mayo for dinner!

    1. The Miracle Whip, lemonade, 'n' ham platter.

    2. Tinned veg in a prison of gelatine.

    3. All of these tinned nightmares.

    4. Corn Con Carne.

    5. A surprise gelatine mayo mountain.

    6. This kid's frozen dinner.

    7. Just any old shit thrown in a pile on a plate.

    8. All of these gross ways to make things with pears.

    9. Salty hot shreaded wheat with syrup.

    10. And shredded wheat covered in salt and butter.

    11. This fairly repulsive-looking dessert.

    12. Eggs with Campbell's chicken soup scrambled into them.

    13. A Mexican food horrorshow.

    14. Canned fried onions.

    15. Hellmann's actual hell.

    16. Baked spam with peaches and cloves.

    17. Squares of artificial cheese on top of canned stew.

    18. Yams and marshmallows.

    19. And finally, the horror lettuce.

    H/T Jamie Bradburn