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21 Borderline Evil Ways To Prank The People You Live With

There's no prank like a flatmate prank.

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1. Turning their room into a beautiful work of art.

2. Offering them a nice drink.

@Littlemissjobie / Via Twitter: @Littlemissjobie

3. Providing helpful bedtime reading material.

@HollowayMassive / Via Twitter: @HollowayMassive

4. Making a lovely collage for them.

Top Uni prank ever!!!!!! Everything was covered, he went psycho!!

5. Filling their room with fun balloons.

@love_bughh / Via Twitter: @love_bughh

6. Decorating their bedroom when they have a date coming over.

@RachelYang_21 / Via Twitter: @RachelYang_21

7. Sending your university flatmate "official" looking letters.

@CaraBreen_ / Via Twitter: @CaraBreen_

8. Swapping their kitchen and bedroom cupboards around.

Alice_Knibbs / Via Twitter: @Alice_Knibbs

9. Putting a lovely friend in your shower.

ShhhhhhImFappingOverHere / Via

10. Providing them with company.

@AngelaHesse / Via Twitter: @AngelaHesse

11. Keeping their prized kitchen equipment nice and cool.

12. Creating a delightful infused drink for them.

@katiemackey1 / Via Twitter: @katiemackey1

13. Putting glasses of ice upside down on their flatmates desk and waiting for them to melt.

So helpful!
@TobyPalmer / Via Twitter: @TobyPalmer

So helpful!

14. Turning everything in their bedroom upside down, so they can experience what it's like to live in Australia.

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15. Giving them a wonderful welcome when they get home.

16. Improving all their posters with Nicholas Cage's face.

17. Or replacing their family photos with Donald Trump and Shia LaBeouf.

@yagirlnatalee / Via Twitter: @yagirlnatalee

18. Clingfilming their life.

furiousfry / Via

19. Getting them a lovely gift.

radrunner00 / Via

20. Swapping their bedroom with the kitchen.

21. And, if you're really brave, allowing them to get some fresh air.

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