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22 Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Everyone Who Plays In An Orchestra

Don't forget the coda.

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1. When you have to carry an enormous instrument case around for half your damn life.

2. When you lose count during a massive rest.

4. When your stand buddy hogs the stand.

"It's more on your side!!"


5. When there are no convenient page turn points.

7. When you see a ridiculous key signature and your heart sinks.

#orchestraproblems You know you're playing with a choir when:


11. But then your instrument gets its revenge when you develop bizarre calluses from playing for so long.

"Oh yeh I got this from working out so much*"

*my violin.


16. When you're a string player and your rosin smashes.



17. When you spend weeks cultivating the perfect reed and then in splits literally just before a concert.

19. When you're performing and an audience member tries to clap between movements.

21. And then you have to go and practise some more.

And you can never practise ENOUGH.

22. And finally, the eternal struggle of playing an instrument that you rarely get the opportunity to show off.

"Oh thank god someone brought a clarinet to this party."