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18 Delightful Dogs On Planes

So much better than snakes on a plane.

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1. This clever hound handing over his boarding pass.

@adamcarolla Dog on my recent flight to Vegas handing over boarding pass at gate.

2. This guy who's just a big lapdog.

@Factory360 / Via Twitter: @Factory360

3. This giant dog who got his own seat and everything.

Vet service dog on @delta flight! Didn't even know this big boy was there! #proudamerican

4. This pup having a little snooze under his blanket.

@sundayssundaze / Via Twitter: @sundayssundaze

5. This guy who has the best seat in the house.

@kristenlove70 / Via Twitter: @kristenlove70

6. This smiley dog who's just so excited about flying.

@jhunnysindiong / Via Twitter: @jhunnysindiong

7. This big puppy who wants everyone to just sit down so this plane will actually take off on time.

@David_Rudnick / Via Twitter: @David_Rudnick

8. This little floof who is wondering when the in-flight entertainment is going to start.

Who wants to tell them?
@AvaTompkins / Via Twitter: @AvaTompkins

Who wants to tell them?

9. This sneaky pup who is pretty sure nobody can see them.

@LoganPhares / Via Twitter: @LoganPhares

10. And this teeny one.

@_marianvalentin / Via Twitter: @_marianvalentin

11. This lovely pupper having a little nap in first class.

Such a fancy pup.
@analyticsnerd / Via Twitter: @analyticsnerd

Such a fancy pup.

12. This big cloud getting a hug.

13. This big dog who's a little bit nervous of flying.

@simi8600 / Via Twitter: @simi8600

14. And this fluffy golden who's a bit scared of turbulence.

@liviaPoston / Via Twitter: @liviaPoston

15. This fabulous hound who would like it if you could stop kicking her seat.

"Excuse me, ma'am."
@saalmaaa_ / Via Twitter: @saalmaaa_

"Excuse me, ma'am."

16. This furry friend who's excited to sit back and watch a movie.

@ITNDistribution / Via Twitter: @ITNDistribution

17. This teeny tiny pup who's ready to fly.

@kellshand / Via Twitter: @kellshand

18. And this squishy sausage who just wants to take a nap.

@RayRay0105 / Via Twitter: @RayRay0105