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    22 DIY Fails That Are So Terrible They're Actually Hilarious

    Guaranteed to make your dad angry.

    1. This excellent problem solving.

    2. This beautifully fixed toilet.

    Deadpoodle / Via

    3. This wonderfully repaired car gear stick.

    ewikanderson / Via

    4. This seriously excellent example of careful sink tiling.

    UnoriginalUrsula / Via

    5. This classic Ikea fail.

    dionysage / Via

    6. This flawless air conditioning unit installation.

    Evaldas / Via

    7. This lampshade.

    8. This really excellent example of vehicle maintenance.

    jozohuzo / Via

    9. This door handle.

    10. This super-safe shower DIY.

    dtmfadvice / Via

    11. This dream kitchen drawer situation.

    12. And this beautifully installed fan.

    TedBuckley / Via

    13. This fantastic plumbing work.

    Paranoicco / Via

    14. And this sort of genius solution to the lack of mixer taps.

    KristinaKristina / Via

    15. This sneaky as hell example of landlord DIY.

    16. And this quite excellent lock replacement.

    tchaboom / Via

    17. This stunning handmade table.

    Twitter: @321Viv

    It's so beautiful.

    18. This brilliant bit of improvisation.

    Tradiee / Via Twitter: @tradieeapp

    19. This beautifully installed toilet seat.

    CharlesIsaac / Via

    Beautiful, so beautiful.

    20. This extremely useful example of tap installation.

    leesoph / Via

    21. This very well located wall.

    oldyMadness / Via

    22. And this fantastically improved table.

    H/T Reddit shitty D.I.Y