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19 Dessert Fails That Will Chill You To Your Very Core


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1. This watermelon disaster.

BADmommy / Via

2. These scary snow monsters.

writinginmygournal / Via

3. This beautiful dessert, which did not enjoy being taken for a car ride.

@RyannEliz / Via Twitter: @RyannEliz

4. These pretty terrifying SpongeBob cookies.

@spongebob_cult / Via Twitter: @spongebob_cult

5. This pavlova, which is quite frankly an insult to the people of Australia and New Zealand.

@misslizmanning / Via Twitter: @misslizmanning

6. This cheesecake that definitely got opened the wrong way.

@lucylu126 / Via Twitter: @lucylu126

7. These absolutely stunning meringues.

@JennyLovell1 / Via Twitter: @JennyLovell1

8. This absolute disaster of an apple crumble.

@stephtanner_ / Via Twitter: @stephtanner_

9. This honest to god horrifying hedgehog.

@anniemayv / Via Twitter: @anniemayv

10. This unsuccessful peach cobbler.

@VGirlfriends / Via Twitter: @VGirlfriends

11. This horrible valentine.

@The_EgertonArms / Via Twitter: @The_EgertonArms

12. This cheesecake that's moist as hell.

@waiteywoo / Via Twitter: @waiteywoo

13. This traditional English trifle.

@kerrileather / Via Twitter: @kerrileather

14. These cupcakes.

@CatLamin / Via Twitter: @CatLamin

15. This impressive attempt at making French macarons.

@gnightdodger / Via Twitter: @gnightdodger

16. This dry pumpkin pie.

@Taking_On_Water / Via Twitter: @Taking_On_Water

17. This deep tragedy.

@chelsea_myers13 / Via Twitter: @chelsea_myers13

18. This cookie, which will stare right into your soul.

@michiedubbs / Via Twitter: @michiedubbs

19. And this cake that will watch you sleeping.

Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed