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    19 Dessert Fails That Will Chill You To Your Very Core


    1. This watermelon disaster.

    2. These scary snow monsters.

    3. This beautiful dessert, which did not enjoy being taken for a car ride.

    4. These pretty terrifying SpongeBob cookies.

    5. This pavlova, which is quite frankly an insult to the people of Australia and New Zealand.

    6. This cheesecake that definitely got opened the wrong way.

    7. These absolutely stunning meringues.

    8. This absolute disaster of an apple crumble.

    9. This honest to god horrifying hedgehog.

    10. This unsuccessful peach cobbler.

    11. This horrible valentine.

    12. This cheesecake that's moist as hell.

    13. This traditional English trifle.

    14. These cupcakes.

    15. This impressive attempt at making French macarons.

    16. This dry pumpkin pie.

    17. This deep tragedy.

    18. This cookie, which will stare right into your soul.

    19. And this cake that will watch you sleeping.