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I Am Obsessed With Photos Of '90s Celebrities With Computers

The '90s was a really cringey time.

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3. Debbie Harry from Blondie and a cyber goth share a computer and look at blank webpage together.

Sue Moore / All Action General

So he's using the mouse and she's going to type? That's bloody good teamwork right there.

4. PJ and Duncan act like cool hip guys at a photocall at the British School of Motoring cyber cafe.

Sue Moore / All Action General

The caption reads "British pop duo PJ and Duncan at a BSM cyber cafe driving tuition photocall".

I honestly do not know why the BSM had cyber cafe or why Ant and Dec were there.


7. Prince Charles presses the right arrow key while a lady in an enormous carpet waistcoat gets a bit turned on.

David Jones / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

"Do it Charles...that's right...yess."


11. The Queen creeps on a teenage boy using a computer mouse the wrong way round.

Fiona Hanson / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

"How are you going to type now pal? Didn't think of that did you? Mug" - the Queen


14. Some '90s dog at Crufts pretends to know what it's doing.

David Jones / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

The caption says, "Millie the Golden Cocker Spaniel from Brechin, surfs the internet at Crufts Dog show at the NEC, Birmingham." Dogs can't read, '90s people.


16. The Duke of York looks extremely casual about his own website.

Sean Dempsey / PA Archive/Press Association Images

He probably had to wait 45 minutes for that page to load on dial up, you'd be that excited too.

17. Melinda Messenger pretends to type on a laptop to launch some internet cafe.

Stefan Rousseau / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency

The caption says "she poses for photographs on a surfboard". Remember when people said "surf the web"?