I Am Obsessed With Photos Of '90s Celebrities With Computers

    The '90s was a really cringey time.

    1. Patsy Palmer poses with the EastEnders website.

    2. Carol Vorderman pretends to type at the Ideal Home show.

    3. Debbie Harry from Blondie and a cyber goth share a computer and look at blank webpage together.

    4. PJ and Duncan act like cool hip guys at a photocall at the British School of Motoring cyber cafe.

    5. Tony Blair looks really casual as he launches the 10 Downing Street website.

    6. Prince Edward lurks creepily over a policeman trying to work.

    7. Prince Charles presses the right arrow key while a lady in an enormous carpet waistcoat gets a bit turned on.

    8. Loyd Grossman looks relaxed as he launches a computer at an art gallery.

    9. Some children force Cherie Blair to look at their shit MS Paint drawings while Tony grimaces on.

    10. Danish racing driver Jan Magnussen sexily examines computer readouts at Silverstone race course.

    11. The Queen creeps on a teenage boy using a computer mouse the wrong way round.

    12. Wimbledon tennis referee Alan Mills points at the weather forecast.

    13. Alan Shearer acts like he's playing a football game.

    14. Some '90s dog at Crufts pretends to know what it's doing.

    15. Tony and Cherie look at a picture of Tony.

    I want someone who looks at me the way Tony Blair looks at a picture of himself.

    16. The Duke of York looks extremely casual about his own website.

    17. Melinda Messenger pretends to type on a laptop to launch some internet cafe.

    18. Tara Palmer-Tomkinson gets served a laptop on a platter.

    19. Michaela Strachan lurks over some kids who are just trying to email Santa in peace.

    20. Prince William, looks at memes (probably) at a horrible angle.

    21. Davina McCall pretends to type on a laptop with a blank screen.

    22. And Martine McCutcheon points at a computer displaying a picture of herself pointing at a computer.

    Oh my god it's like an infinite loop of Martines.