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    22 Reasons You Should Book A Holiday To Britain

    It's a beautiful, wonderful place.

    1. First of all, the countryside is simply magnificent.

    2. The rivers are beautiful.

    If you want an image of London imagine a terrapin riding a dead fox in the Regents canal, forever.

    3. And there are plenty of stunning places to go wild swimming, if that's your thing.

    4. The wildlife is always friendly.

    Londoners beware - there's a camera wielding fox looking to steal your keys and accessories

    5. And there are always exciting birds to see.

    6. There's a thriving underground art scene.

    7. The weather is brilliant all year round.

    8. And Britain in the summer is a perfect place to soak up the sunshine.

    9. But Christmas is a particularly magical time of year to visit.

    Why Stoke is crap 7.5k for a Christmas tree made from plastic bags

    10. The cuisine is simply fabulous.

    11. And there's a wonderful brunch culture.

    12. If you don't have time for dinner out, you can always pick up a healthy and delicious meal deal.

    13. Or visit one of our many wonderful supermarkets.

    14. The newspapers are excellent.

    15. And our magazines are fabulously informative.

    16. There's lots to do for entertainment.

    my parents' local paper has printed a guide to where to go dogging in SE london if any of u r interested xxxx

    17. The music festivals are world class.

    18. And you can always pick up some well priced late night street food after a night out.

    19. But there's always something exciting to watch on British TV, if you don't fancy going out.

    20. The public transport is reliable.

    No drama at London Bridge. Lots of cancelled trains, but passengers fairly unfussed and unworried

    21. And you'll always get a seat.

    22. No wonder we're always up for a few beers.