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    Posted on Sep 11, 2016

    18 Cats Who Are Just Guilty AF

    "It's not what it looks like"

    1. This kitty, who definitely wasn't doing anything.

    @zekebking / Via Twitter: @zekebking

    2. And this little tiger who absolutely wasn't doing anything wrong.

    @NikkoKoPuffs / Via Twitter: @NikkoKoPuffs

    3. This hardened criminal who definitely didn't steal a quesadilla.

    @heather_latour / Via Twitter: @heather_latour

    4. This lawbreaking cloud who just has a taste for pastry.

    @liz_fenwick / Via Twitter: @liz_fenwick

    5. This kitty who has an extremely relatable diet.

    @KaitlynnnWhite / Via Twitter: @KaitlynnnWhite

    6. This naughty kitten who was just ~tasting~ the plant.

    @xsroelle / Via Twitter: @xsroelle

    7. And this health conscious cat.

    @Lazy666Beard / Via Twitter: @Lazy666Beard

    8. And this kitty who's reaction is extremely relatable.

    @toppilots / Via Twitter: @toppilots

    9. This tuxedo cat who wasn't really doing anything.

    @jsmcmans / Via Twitter: @jsmcmans

    10. And this beautiful fur ball who probably isn't ACTUALLY doing anything naughty.

    @GPSBrooklyn / Via Twitter: @GPSBrooklyn

    11. And this guy who was just checking the curtains were still in full working order.

    @truffle_cat / Via Twitter: @truffle_cat

    12. This kitty who probably doesn't have a very strong alibi TBH.

    @SocoWow / Via Twitter: @SocoWow

    13. And this one, who knows they shouldn't but doesn't care.

    @torihines / Via Twitter: @torihines

    14. This bold baby who's absolutely shameless.

    @LVladimirReyes / Via Twitter: @LVladimirReyes

    15. This fluffy bandit who immediately fled the scene of the crime.

    @pIeaseheadnorth / Via Twitter: @pIeaseheadnorth

    16. And this monster, who's inexplicably a fan of green food.

    @TheSiteIsBad / Via Twitter: @TheSiteIsBad

    17. This nonchalant little weirdo.

    I caught my cat eating an onion and she's acting so nonchalant about it

    18. And this benevolent criminal.

    @cgoode05 / Via Twitter: @cgoode05

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