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Can You Name These Songs From The Sheet Music?

It's harder than you'd think...

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  1. 1. What nursery rhyme is this?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    "Hot Cross Buns"
    "Three Blind Mice"
    "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
  2. 2. What is this the chorus of?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    "Take Me To Church", Hozier
    "Call Me Maybe", Carley Rae Jepson
    "22", Taylor Swift
    "Firework", Katy Perry
  3. 3. What film series is this leitmotif from?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    Jurassic Park
    Harry Potter
    Lord of the Rings
    James Bond
  4. 4. Which Beyonce song has this vocal melody at the beginning?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    "Drunk In Love"
    "Run The World"
    "Single Ladies"
  5. 5. Which song features this string intro?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    "Viva la Vida", Coldplay
    "Britney Spears", Toxic
    "Alejandro", Lady Gaga
    "Rather Be (ft. Jess Glynne)", Clean Bandit
  6. 6. Which Apple ringtone is this?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed / Via
  7. 7. What song is this instrumental intro from?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    "Just the Way You Are", Bruno Mars
    "Gimme Shelter", Rolling Stones
    "Drop It Like It's Hot", Snoop Dog
    "Don't Feel Like Dancin'", Scissor Sisters
  8. 8. Which Ed Sheeran song has this opening vocal melody?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    "Thinking Out Loud"
    "The A Team"
    "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"
  9. 9. What is this the theme to?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    Super Mario Bros
    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
  10. 10. Who is this melody by?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    Mumford & Sons
    James Blunt
  11. 11. Who is this piano melody by?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    Tom Odell
    Billy Joel
    John Legend
  12. 12. What Nicki Minaj song is this the bass part to?

    Sophie Gadd/Buzzfeed
    "Stupid Hoe"

Can You Name These Songs From The Sheet Music?


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