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    Posted on Apr 5, 2016

    19 Times It Properly Kicked Off In Britain

    Blimey, calm down everyone.

    1. When the shit absolutely hit the fan in Huddersfield.

    2. When it all got a bit hairy in Plymouth.

    3. And it definitely wasn't safe to go outside in Cornwall.

    4. When a bloke on the The Isle of Man had an absolutely ridiculous day.

    5. When there was a bloody British barney brewing in Bexhill-on-Sea.

    6. When some big logs got left in Aberaeron.

    It's all kicking off in Aberaeron... #scenes

    7. When Stafford had some big news.

    8. When this mum bought her son a phone.

    9. When there was a really bad crime wave in Melksham.

    10. And a rogue criminal was on the loose in Folkstone.

    Shit me! It's all kicking off in #Folkestone!

    11. When this citrus bandit caused havoc in North Devon.

    12. When this man was everyone in Britain.

    It's all kicking off in #Framlingham...

    13. And this Surrey man changed the world.

    14. When Brian caused havoc.

    15. When this Worcester man had a serious issue.

    16. And things just went even more downhill for the people of Worcester from there.

    17. When this horse was cruelly styled.

    Lancashire Evening Post / Via

    18. When a cunty swan caused havoc in Louth.

    19. And of course when police in Bath actually had to cordon off a swan.

    Anthony Grimley / SWNS

    Honestly these bastards cannot be tamed.

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