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24 Food Fails That Will Make All British People Angry

So many sad fry ups :(

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3. This ludicrous fry up fail.

Watermelon. WATERMELON.


6. And this even WORSE attempt.

Made beans on toast for Brett's lunch... #fail

Those poor beans.

7. This attempt at a homemade Tunnocks Teacake.

“@GarthWestland: Just attempted a homemade Tunnock's Teacake. Oh dear... ” visual fail, tasted ok, 10/10 for effort ;)


15. This sadly unfilled filled pasty.

Deep filled pasty extreme fail.


22. This brilliantly terrible attempt at cheese and biscuits.

If you need cheering up, here's a photo of the time my stepmum asked for cheese and biscuits at a hotel. 😂😂😂