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    24 Food Fails That Will Make All British People Angry

    So many sad fry ups :(

    1. This deeply shameful excuse for a "sausage bap".

    @Nico1938 / Via Twitter: @Nico1938

    Is that a piece of potato bread in a bap?

    2. This quite frankly sinister attempt at a fry up.

    Via Twitter: @BeechardRich

    "Ah the traditional fry up; tiny sausages, a slice of potato, salami, a cup of beans, and of course, a pot of jam."

    3. This ludicrous fry up fail.

    Watermelon. WATERMELON.

    4. And whatever the hell this English Breakfast was meant to be.

    Sophie Gadd/BuzzFeed

    CHEESE BREAD WITH TOMATO what are you doing????

    5. This sort of genius, but ultimately terrible attempt at beans on toast.

    6. And this even WORSE attempt.

    Made beans on toast for Brett's lunch... #fail

    Those poor beans.

    7. This attempt at a homemade Tunnocks Teacake.

    “@GarthWestland: Just attempted a homemade Tunnock's Teacake. Oh dear... ” visual fail, tasted ok, 10/10 for effort ;)

    8. This useless Jaffa Cake.

    9. And this sad chocolate Digestive.

    @lauren_woodley / Via Twitter: @lauren_woodley

    10. This terrible attempt at a roast dinner.

    Via Twitter: @geoshortie_7


    11. These super burned and very sad Yorkshire puddings.

    @xsophielee / Via Twitter: @xsophielee

    12. This pretty rough toad in the hole.

    @abwebsta / Via Twitter: @abwebsta

    13. And this chicken, where the cook didn't realise that you weren't meant to pour the Yorkshire pudding batter ON THE CHICKEN.

    Mohgreen / Via

    14. This cottage pie that isn't very comforting at all.

    @abusymummy / Via Twitter: @abusymummy

    15. This sadly unfilled filled pasty.

    Deep filled pasty extreme fail.

    16. This shite bacon sandwhich.

    @DavidHarperTV / Via Twitter: @DavidHarperTV

    17. This bloody terrible bacon and egg bap.


    18. And whatever Greggs were trying to achieve with this "bacon roll".

    @Ames_tg / Via Twitter: @Ames_tg

    19. This absolute trainwreck of an attempt at fish and chips.

    @sorayasjofjan / Via Twitter: @sorayasjofjan

    You're not meant to batter your fish in fake tan.

    20. This incredibly weak cup of tea.

    @webbo_77 / Via Twitter: @webbo_77

    Imagine taking your tea like this, IMAGINE.

    21. This extremely horrible Victoria Sponge.

    @jasmynbarry / Via Twitter: @jasmynbarry


    22. This brilliantly terrible attempt at cheese and biscuits.

    If you need cheering up, here's a photo of the time my stepmum asked for cheese and biscuits at a hotel. 😂😂😂

    23. This raisinless raisin scone.

    @McG_Karen / Via Twitter: @McG_Karen

    24. And this phenomenally bad attempt at eating a scone.

    @smoggy28 / Via Twitter: @smoggy28

    No that is NOT how you do it.

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